"Mesa Koh Pa Wupps, a Gungengeneer. Wesa getten da mackineek carrien moven."
―Koh Pa Wupps introduces himself to his escorts[src]

Koh Pah Wupps was a male Gungan technician living on Naboo.

In 32 BBY, Koh Pa participated in the salvage of Transport 714. Members of the Naboo Resistance, guided by Koh Pa, used a trio of tribubble bongos to convey several Gungenineers and their equipment through Naboo's waterways to the Solleu River bed. There, the crew located the downed Multi-Troop Transport. Koh Pa and his corp of Gungengineers disembarked, and attempted to move the sunken transport. During the recovery, the bongo escort protected the group from a young, orphaned colo claw fish that had attacked the site repeatedly. The MTT was eventually returned to the surface.

The Gungan name, "Koh Pa," means, "small feet," while the surname, "Wupps," means, "talented crafter."[1]

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