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"I was recruited by a man called Tyranus on one of the moons of Bogden."
―Jango Fett[3]

Kohlma, also known as the Moon of the Dead, was a moon of the planet Bogden.


Jango Fett aboard the Slave I approaching Dooku's Lair on Kohlma.

Following a catastrophic war on Bogden, Kohlma was set up as a memorial tomb for those who had fallen. It would later be the secret hideout for Komari Vosa[4] and her cult, the Bando Gora.

After their defeat, it was also where Jango Fett was recruited by Darth Tyranus to become the template of the clone army in 32 BBY.

Behind the scenes[]

Boba Fett visited Bogden in Boba Fett: The Fight to Survive and landed on Bogg 4. It has been speculated that Bogg 4 is in actuality Kohlma, however, in this case, it is much more likely that Kohlma is the one unnumbered moon mentioned in the book as being "covered from pole to pole in gravestones".

Labyrinth of Evil states that Jango Fett was recruited by Count Dooku to be the prime template for the clone army on Bogg 4[5] while other sources state that he was recruited on another moon, Kohlma.[6] Jango Fett's StarWars.com Databank entry however, stated "a man named Tyranus approached Jango on the moons of Bogden with an intriguing proposal"[7] This would imply that his actual recruitment took place, over an extended period of time, on a number of locations with the final sealing of the deal taking place on either Kohlma or Bogg 4.

In The Clone Wars Campaign Guide, Kohlma is misspelled as "Kholma".


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