A TIE fighter employing a Kologran turn to evade a pursuing Z-95 Headhunter

"Hang on! I'm going to pull a drop-kick Koiogran turn!"
Luke Skywalker to R2-D2, while being pursued by Mara Jade[1]

A Koiogran turn, or drop-kick Koiogran turn, was a combat maneuver developed by Kendra Novar that was utilized by starfighter pilots to escape pursuit. By pushing the throttle forward with one hand and twisting the control stick with the other, the pilot would lose all forward momentum and loop-roll in another direction.


While growing up on Pellezara station, the young Tarrin Datch would frequently be tasked with moving freighters into designated parking slots while the pilots waited for their ships to be serviced. One time, Datch performed a miniature Koiogran turn in a bulk freighter, destroying a dozen beacon pods in the process. He was grounded by his father, literally, for the stunt, being assigned to traffic control and resupply for three standard weeks.[2]

Luke Skywalker unsuccessfully attempted to escape from Mara Jade by using a drop-kick Koiogran turn when they were both flying Skipray Blastboats in the atmosphere of Myrkr. Luke, unfamiliar with the craft at the time, accidentally hit the top of the treeline after losing his forward momentum and caused both craft to plummet into the forest below.[3]

During the skirmish at Chazwa, the Kern's Pride used a sort of mutated drop-kick Koiogran maneuver to attempt to escape two Lancer-class frigates. The frigates, however, were not fooled a bit by the ploy and kept pursuing the modified CR90 corvette.[4]

Sometime during the Galactic Civil War, the Koiogran turn was introduced into both Imperial and Alliance starfighter corps as a possible way to not only escape pursuit, but create a situation in which a pilot can turn his weapons against a would-be attacker.[5]



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