Kokash sector was in the Galactic Core, close to Farlax sector and between Haldeen sector and Mondress sector. Although technically lying within known space, the sector had not been fully explored even in the days of the New Republic[2].


As a political entity, Kokash sector was a part of the Galactic Republic by 27 BBY. The Outbound Flight expedition traveled through Kokash sector on its voyage from Yaga Minor, before traveling through Mondress sector and Albanin sector into the Unknown Regions.

Subsequently, under the Galactic Empire, Kokash sector became a part of the volume of space assigned to Black Sword Command.[2]

Even in 17 ABY, Kokash sector was not fully explored by Galactic civilization. It may have been the location of the Morath Nebula and the home of the Morath.

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Kokash sector may be another name for Hatawa sector, as both are paired with Farlax sector in descriptions of the territory of Black Sword Command.

It should not, however, be confused with Kojash, a planet in the Koornacht Cluster, in Farlax sector.



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