The Kol Huro Unrest was an event that occurred in 44 BBY, several months after the end of the Stark Hyperspace War.

The conflictEdit

The minor rebellion known as the Kol Huro Unrest occurred months after the Stark Hyperspace War during the year 44 BBY.[1] Under the influence of Darth Sidious,[7] the Kol Huro warlord Mustag Olus created an intimidating army of battle droids[6] using the factories of Kol Huro.[1] Under his control, the droid army proceeded to conquer planets in neighboring space[5] before Jedi Knights and the Judicial Forces defeated his nascent empire.[6] Jedi support was crucial to the victory, as no military forces that were capable of facing Olus's droids were available.[7]


The Kol Huro Unrest confused Republic Intelligence, as there was no apparent logic to the variety of mechanical enemies the Jedi had faced during the short-lived uprising, and the war was eventually revealed to be an experiment in mechanized warfare.[6] The Unrest rendered the Kol Huro locals wary of droids, making it nearly impossible for Cybot Galactica or Industrial Automaton to establish a presence in the region.[8]

After the Unrest, many of the dictator's weapons (such as the Kol Huro combat droid) were sold offworld, and the conflict convinced the Trade Federation in the wisdom of increasing their own droid security forces.



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