"This is the Kolatill Council…all New Republic forces, please send assistance immediately. After imprisoning the Imperial governor we have been attacked by TIE bombers. Domaz, our capital, is in flames. Please send emergency medical assistance."
―Distress call from Kolatill[3]

Kolatill was a planet located in the Kolatill system within the Kathol sector of the Outer Rim Territories. A stopping point for ships plying their business on the Trition Trade Route, the planet was located several days' travel from the sector capital, Kal'Shebbol. Noted as one of the sector's major repulsorlift manufacturing centers, Kolatill was ruled by the Kolatill Council until Imperial Moff Kentor Sarne was appointed to administer the Kathol sector in 2 BBY. In 0 ABY, the planet was placed under martial law, and most of the repulsorlift industry was ordered to produce combat speeders for Moff Sarne's forces.

In 8 ABY, after the successful liberation of Kal'Shebbol by New Republic forces, a popular uprising on Kolatill overthrew their Imperial governor, Tetrum, and reinstated the Kolatill Council. Following this act of defiance, the Ton-Falk-class escort carrier Kathol Protector arrived in-system and deployed TIE bombers to attack the capital city of Domaz, leaving it ruined and aflame. Kolatill sent out a distress call, which was answered by the New Republic CR90 corvette FarStar. The vessel provided relief assistance to the planet, and engaged the Kathol Protector in battle after the Imperial vessel returned for a second strike on the world using pathogenic bombs. Between the combined efforts of the FarStar, its fighter squadron, and the Kolatill Defense Force, the planet was spared from further devastation.


The planet Kolatill was situated in the Kolatill system[3] of the Kathol sector[2] in the Outer Rim Territories.[1] A modest stopping point on the Trition Trade Route, Kolatill was located forty-six hours from the sector capital of Kal'Shebbol when traveling with a Class One-rated hyperdrive,[2] or ninety-two hours with a Class Two-rated unit.[3] Kolatill was connected to five other star systems via hyperlane; the Torize system was one day and four hours travel from Kolatill, the Aaris system was sixteen hours distant, the Charis system was twenty-one hours away, the Corjain system was a short three hour trip, and fifteen hours were required to transit to the Oon Tien system.[2]

The planet had a high degree of axial tilt, which led to extreme seasonal variations. Frigid winters lasted for five months, except in the equatorial regions, and swelteringly hot summers lasted almost as long. Both seasons were particularly unpleasant for the inhabitants of the planet. Each day on the planet lasted for twenty-eight standard hours, and a year was 405 local days. The equatorial regions of the planet featured a variety of terrains, including forests, mountains, lowlands, plains, and wetlands, and were sparsely populated in comparison to the north. The mountain ranges were untouched by heavy industry, and agricultural complexes were the main source of industry, with the ranching of herd animals such as chollas and banthas being the main source of income. The meat and hides fetched good prices in the markets of the northern cities, and were exported to the nearby planets Gandle Ott and Torize. Fruit and vegetable growing was prevalent in the wetlands, making Kolatill virtually self-sufficient food-wise. However, the planet did rely on outside trade to bring in higher technology items such as computers, processing equipment, medicines, and starships.[3]

Kolatill's capital city was Domaz, and its industry was based mainly around repulsorlift manufacturing. The planet was regarded as one of the major producers of repulsorcraft and associated equipment in the sector. The northern continental mountain chains were home to numerous mining complexes and repulsorlift factories. Ikas-Adno, a major manufacturer of repulsorcraft, operated around a dozen factories on the planet, with several local companies such as GandleMotors and Kal'Shebbol Transport manufacturing their own designs. The local companies also supplied parts to the Ikas-Adno plants.[3]

The planet had a population of 400 million beings, mainly consisting of Humans, Twi'leks, and Jarell. The main population centers were located in the northern regions of the planet, near to the main industrial centers and manufacturing plants. Mountain ranges dominated the north, and supplied a steady stream of materials and ores to Kolatill's industrial base. Outside the cities, the wilds were dangerous, with predators prowling the mountain passes and attacking herd animals.[3]


Controlled by the Galactic Empire[]

Kolatill was ruled by the Kolatill Council,[3] until the Galactic Empire appointed Kentor Sarne as Moff of the Kathol sector in 2 BBY.[2] Recognizing the potential of the large repulsorlift manufacturing facilities located on the planet, Sarne instituted a despotic regime on the world.[2] In 0 ABY,[5] he appointed Tetrum as the planetary governor, who declared the entire planet to be under martial law. The Kolatill Council was arrested and imprisoned, and all local repulsorlift manufacturing plants were ordered to produce combat speeders for Sarne's military forces. Only Ikas-Adno, due to its wealth and political connections, was spared from the edict. These changes to the planet's society created a nervous and restless population, one that was sympathetic to the Alliance to Restore the Republic, and later the New Republic. However, Tetrum used an extensive network of spies to identify potential threats and enemy sympathizers.[3]


Following the Battle of Endor in 4 ABY,[6] Moff Sarne quietly withdrew the Kathol sector from the fracturing Empire and set himself up as a warlord. As a result, Kolatill, like much of the Kathol sector, became answerable only to Sarne.[2] In 8 ABY,[4] the New Republic launched an assault on the planet Kal'Shebbol that liberated the sector capital from Sarne's rule, and forced the Moff to flee into the deep regions of the Kathol sector with the majority of his fleet.[7] When news of Sarne's defeat at Kal'Shebbol reached Kolatill, the population staged an uprising, overthrowing and jailing Governor Tetrum. The surviving three members of the Kolatill Council were freed, and resumed control of the planet. Their first act was to declare their allegiance to the New Republic. They also managed to acquire six TIE fighters as the beginnings of their own defense force.[3]

Imperial Retribution[]

Shortly after the planet declared its fealty to the New Republic, the Imperial Ton-Falk-class escort carrier Kathol Protector entered the system and launched TIE bombers toward Kolatill. The bombers targeted the capital of Domaz, leaving much of the city in ruins. Following the assault, the ship broadcast a transmission to the planet, claiming that the attack was a lesson aimed at those who chose to join the New Republic, before withdrawing from the system. Kolatill's government sent out a distress signal to the New Republic forces stationed at Kal'Shebbol, and the CR90 corvette FarStar intercepted the transmission while in orbit of the planet. The vessel, preparing for a shakedown cruise ahead of a mission to track down Moff Sarne following his flight from the capital, responded immediately to the message. Monjai, the recently appointed New Republic governor of Kal'Shebbol, also promised to deploy medical ships to Kolatill as soon as possible.[3]

Noell Ciro's X-wing rams a TIE bomber during the Battle of Kolatill.

The FarStar arrived at the planet four days after the bombing of Domaz, and rendered all available assistance to the city, assisting in relief operations such as tending to the wounded, recovering medical supplies, distributing food and guarding supply convoys against looters and wild animals. Captain Keleman Ciro, commanding officer of the FarStar, engaged in diplomatic meetings with Councillor Kause of the Kolatill Council, which were subsequently broadcast across the planet to increase morale among the population.[3]

Shortly after the arrival of the FarStar, the Kathol Protector returned to the system to strike at the planet again. This time, the TIE bombers were armed with virulent pathogenic bombs, and intended to assault several other cities on the planet simultaneously. While the FarStar engaged the Kathol Protector in orbit of the planet, elements of the corvette's fighter squadron, led by Lieutenant Ranna Gorjaye and assisted by the Kolatill Defense Force, intercepted the bombers before they could release their payloads. During the battle, Captain Ciro, who had been in transit in a shuttle between the FarStar and the planet when the attack had occurred, was captured by the escort carrier. Additionally, his brother, fighter pilot Noell Ciro, purposely sacrificed his own life to destroy a TIE bomber that was closing on its target by ramming it after his own craft was left without functional weapons. With its bomber force defeated, the Kathol Protector left the system.[3]

Following the successful defense of the planet, the Kolatill Council held a memorial ceremony for those who had lost their lives in the battle. As a measure of thanks to the FarStar and her crew, the Council provided them with the coordinates to the planet Gandle Ott since they believed that Sarne was heading in that direction.[3]


Kolatill was home to 400 million beings, with sizeable communities of Humans, Twi'leks, and Jarells. Unhappy with the rule of the Galactic Empire, much of the population grew sympathetic to the Alliance to Restore the Republic, and its successor state, the New Republic, and openly declared their independence from the Empire at the first opportunity. Notable inhabitants included Councillor Kause, a member of the ruling Kolatill Council; Lon Bennor, who organized relief efforts in Domaz following the Imperial bombing; and Tren, who led food distribution effort in the wake of the attack.[3]


Domaz, the capital city of the planet, was an extensive urban area that included residential and capital districts, and a large park in the center.[3] In 8 ABY,[4] the city was attacked and devastated by TIE bombers from the Imperial escort carrier Kathol Protector in retaliation for the planet's overthrow of their Imperial governor. Much of the city's capital district was leveled, and the residential areas were severely damaged. Large areas were left in flames, and the park at the center was used as an emergency aid station and refugee camp. New Republic forces assisted in relief and recovery operations in the city several days after the initial attack.[3]

Kolatill also had a number of other populated cities and agricultural settlements spread across the planet. In the wake of the bombing of Domaz, these cities sent aid and supplies to the capital to assist in recovery operations. During the subsequent Battle of Kolatill, these other cities were targeted for destruction by the TIE bombers from the Kathol Protector through the use of pathogenic bombs. The combined efforts of the FarStar's starfighter squadron and the Kolatill Defense Force managed to avert the destruction of any more population areas.[3]

The main source of Kolatill's industry—the manufacture of repulsorlift vehicles and parts—was made possible by the extensive mountain ranges located in the northern hemisphere of the planet. These mountains provided the people of Kolatill with the raw materials needed to produce repulsorlift-related technology, and the majority of the planet's population centers were established in the northern hemisphere to take advantage of these natural resources.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

Kolatill appeared in the adventure "Omens", written by Bill Smith.[3] It was published in The DarkStryder Campaign, a roleplaying game sourcebook for use with Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game by West End Games in 1995.[2] The reference book The Essential Atlas, published in 2009, established that the Kolatill system was located in grid square M-21.[8]



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