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Kolir Hu'lya was a tan-furred Bothan female serving as a Jedi Knight in the time following the resolution of the Swarm War. She had been knighted only weeks before the start of the Second Galactic Civil War.

She participated in Operation Roundabout as part of Team Purella, which was tasked with kidnapping Five World Prime Minister Aidel Saxan. However, it was a trap. Kolir suffered a broken jaw after an airspeeder crash and was knocked unconscious for a time, but recovered.

Hu'lya used a silvery-handled, blue-bladed lightsaber.

Kolir accompanied Jedi Master Kyle Katarn, fellow Jedi Knights Thann Mithric, Valin Horn and Jedi Apprentice Seha Dorvald on a mission in the undercity of Coruscant to seek out Jacen Solo. During the duel between the Jedi and Solo, Kyle was severely wounded by being stabbed in the chest and was taken out to safety by Seha. Valin and Kolir fled after Thann was killed by Jacen.

Later, Kolir was with Jaina Solo as Acting Grand Master of the Jedi Order Kenth Hamner walked past along with Captain Harfard



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