"General, You are our last hope against the Huk in this war. May the spirits of our ancestors watch over you and your troops."
Kaleesh Holy Man, blessing Grievous and the Izvoshra before the attack on Oben[src]

The Kolkpravis were a large united band of Kaleesh tribal warriors from the eastern hemisphere of the planet Kalee. From their ranks arose an elite group of warriors known as the Izvoshra, which included figures such as Qymaen jai Sheelal and Bentilais san Sk'ar.

Early history and the Kaleesh–Bitthævrian War[edit | edit source]

The kolkpravis came around after extraplanetary threats arose against Kalee, the founding of the kolkpravis also were fueled by ancient hatreds. The early conflicts of the kolkpravis were mainly against Thalassian slavers and Ore Radiers.[1]

Soon from the Kadok Regions the Bitthævrian expansion around 65 BBY[1] alarmed the Galactic Republic and through a failed coup the Republic used the kolkpravis to fuel their own needs by using them as an Insurgent force to use against the Bitthævrian, which led to the Kaleesh–Bitthævrian War. The kolkpravis used Czerka outland rifles as their major weaponry, and some were fixed with bayonets. The Jedi Order also played a part in the Kaleesh–Bitthævrian War, the kolkpravis received help from the two Jedi Qui-Gon Jinn[1] and Count Dooku.[1] The bitter conflict between the Kaleesh and Bitthævrian lasted 5 years,[1] resulting in a joint Kaleesh-Jedi victory, which defeated the Bitthævrian and nearly destroyed the m'Yalfor'ac Order. Little did the kolkpravis know they were used by the Republic as their puppets.

Huk War[edit | edit source]

Sometime after the Kaleesh–Bitthævrian War, the kolkpravis faced a new, more imminent threat: the Yam'rii, or Huk in Kaleesh. The Huk invaded Kalee in search for a new colony world, the defenders of Kalee found themselves led by Qymaen jai Sheelal and his soul mate Ronderu lij Kummar. Qymaen soon organized the Kolkpravis into what would become their military organization, appointing eight Izvoshra, or elites. Izvoshra members were responsible for protecting Qymaen and carrying out his will. After driving the Huk from Kalee, Qymaen and his kolkpavis mercilessly chased the Huk back to their homeworld and slaughtered civilian and soldier alike.

The Huk called for the Galactic Republic to intervene, and they did. The Republic sent the Jedi to bring an abrupt end to the war, and at the end of the war the Republic placed heavy sanctions on the Kaleesh people. The kolkpravis found themselves defeated and broken, their crusade had been ruined, and with the economic sanctions, the world in which they lived on was soon ruined as well. The khagan of the Kolkpravis, Qymaen took the name Grievous to mourn the loss of his soulmate, Ronderu lij Kummar, who was lost in battle against the Huk.

After the Huk War and the Imperial Era[edit | edit source]

With Kalee in ruin and his soulmate dead Grievous took to trying to alleviate the economic problems on Kalee, having sought work with the InterGalactic Banking Clan as a "collections agent" and not a thug. He returned to his homeworld once word reached his ears that the Huk had desecrated an ancient burial site on the world of Oben.[1] Since the InterGalactic Banking Clan was going to lose a valuable employee, they decided to destroy the shuttle carrying Grievous and his eight Izvoshra. Only one Izvoshra survived, Bentilais san Sk'ar and Grievous himself was gravely injured.

After the death of the seven Izvoshra and the disappearance of Grievous, Bentilais san Sk'ar rallied the kolkpravis and moved to strike the Huk on the world of Oben, massacring the Huk on Oben. Sk'ar moved his people to the same world, which was much richer in resources than Kalee.

During the Imperial Era, Imperial Navy Captain Thrawn sought to conquer the Fringe territories. He set Oben ablaze and soon Sk'ar left the Kolkpravis and went to serve the Galactic Empire under Emperor Palpatine.

After the disappearance of Sk'ar a female Kaleesh came to lead the Kolkpravis, some think she was a second reincarnation of Ronderu lij Kummar. The remaining kolkpravis sought to defend what remains of their once proud civilization.

Organization and Philosophy[edit | edit source]

The organization of the kolkpravis was naturally tribal, as well as the names. The beginning rank of the kolkpravis was a warrior, who made up a kamen. Kamen was lead by a blackarm. Roughly 100 kamen made up a horde, which was lead by a tarkhan. Around 100 to 200 hordes made up a brigade which was lead by baatars.[1]

From several brigades came a khanate' which was lead by one of the eight khans of the Izvoshra. The Supreme Commander of the kolkpravis was the khagan, a title held first by Qymaen jai Sheelal.[1]

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