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"I thought she might one day prove a valuable ally. Instead, she became a liability."
―Darth Tyranus[src]

Komari Vosa, a Force-sensitive Human female, was a fallen Jedi who served as leader of the Bando Gora during the final years of the Galactic Republic. Though highly regarded by her Jedi Master, Count Dooku, the former Padawan fell to the dark side of the Force following her banishment from the Jedi Order. Amassing an army of mindless slaves and assassins, Vosa became a cult leader whose influence reached across the galaxy, allowing her to form connections with powerful crime lords such as the Hutt Cartel or the Dugs of Malastare.

As her criminal empire expanded, Vosa came to the attention of Darth Sidious—the Dark Lord of the Sith who conspired to topple the Republic from within. Viewing the former Jedi as a threat to his own plans for the future, the Sith Lord ordered her termination. The execution of this task was entrusted to Sidious' Sith apprentice, Count Dooku, who adopted the persona of Darth Tyranus after turning away from the light side of the Force. Rather than killing Vosa in person, Tyranus opted to place a bounty on his fallen apprentice. A mercenary who was skilled enough to defeat a warrior trained in the ways of the Force would, as Tyranus reasoned, make an ideal template for the clone army in development on Kamino.

The contest was ultimately won by Jango Fett, one of the bounty hunters whom Tyranus hired to hunt and neutralize Vosa for the reward of five million credits. After tracking Vosa to her citadel on Kohlma, one of the moons of Bogden, Fett defeated the leader of the Bando Gora in spite of her Force powers and lightsaber skills. Tyranus, who witnessed the battle from the shadows, asphyxiated Vosa by way of the Force and subsequently persuaded Fett to be cloned. In the years following Vosa's death, her lightsabers were given to Asajj Ventress, a Separatist assassin who aspired to join the ranks of the Sith with Tyranus as her mentor.


Jedi Order[]

"Ah, the blast helmet of a Mandalorian warrior. Something I've not seen since I was a Jedi. I must have cut down twenty of your kind myself."
―Komari Vosa, to Jango Fett[src]

Komari Vosa was the Padawan of Jedi Master Dooku, who became the Sith Lord Darth Tyranus.

A Force-sensitive Human female, Komari Vosa was recruited as a young child by the Jedi Order[5] in accordance with tradition[6] during the last century of the Galactic Republic. After completing her studies as a Jedi Initiate, Vosa became the Padawan learner of the Jedi Master Dooku in 50 BBY. Despite possessing a volatile temperament, Vosa proved to be a prodigious student in the ways of the Force,[5] earning the respect of her Master who regarded Vosa as an excellent apprentice.[3]

Komari Vosa accompanied Master Dooku and a Jedi task force to the planet Galidraan[5] in 44 BBY[7] with orders from the Jedi High Council to neutralize the True Mandalorians.[4] The Jedi virtually annihilated their Mandalorian adversaries in the Battle of Galidraan; Vosa herself demonstrated considerable skill with a lightsaber when she personally killed twenty experienced soldiers in combat. Though the Council later came to regret the massacre on Galidraan, Dooku was impressed by his apprentice's natural talents and believed that Vosa's future was all but secure in the ranks of the Order.[5]

Vosa's status as a rising star in the Jedi Order was cut short when her Master barred her from participating in the Jedi Trials. Dooku, along with the members of the Jedi Council, became aware of Vosa's secret infatuation with her legendary Master. This and her aggressive demeanor convinced the Order to end Vosa's training, thus deeming her unfit to become a Jedi Knight. Enraged at what she perceived as a betrayal by her Master and the Council, Vosa fled the Jedi Temple and joined a Jedi task force deployed to stop the Bando Gora's activities on Baltizaar. The mission was a disaster, however. The team was decimated and forced to retreat back to Coruscant; many Jedi lost their lives and others were captured, including Vosa.[5]

Though the Order believed her to be dead, in truth Komari Vosa remained alive and was held as a prisoner by the mysterious cult in a dilapidated citadel on Kohlma, a burial moon orbiting Bogden. Subjected to torture and other forms of cruelty, Vosa was driven both mad and into the dark side of the Force. Embracing her rage, the deranged Jedi defeated her tormentors and replaced them as the new leader of the Bando Gora.[5]

Bando Gora[]

"I once tried to resist. But the Bando Gora have ways of weakening your mind and breaking your will."
―Komari Vosa[src]

Vosa succumbed to the power of the dark side, becoming the leader of the Bando Gora cult.

Komari Vosa—now a Dark Jedi and high priestess of the Bando Gora—maintained the citadel on Kholma as her base of operations from where she monitored her cult's activities throughout the galaxy[5] with the aid of her chief lieutenant.[3] Under Vosa's direction, the Bando Gora became a horrific icon of terror and intrigue, especially within the criminal underworld that became essential in her plot to expand the Bando Gora's influence and power. In order to do so, Vosa implanted brainwashing agents into death sticks, intending to use narcotics as a recruiting tool for the Bando Gora.[5] The poisonous substances—mind-altering neurotoxins—were developed and conditioned to suppress individuality and free will, thus enabling Vosa to use her Force abilities to turn drug-addicts into mindless spies and assassins.[3] This form of slavery gradually built her a small army of warriors that Vosa deployed on the enemies of her cult.[5]

The secrecy of the Bando Gora's operation necessitated the use of assets who retained their free will, leading Vosa to recruit criminals such as Gardulla the Hutt, Sebolto, and Groff Haugg; the extent of her influence even infiltrated the ranks of the Galactic Senate, causing the corrupt Senator Connus Trell to serve Vosa as an agent of the Bando Gora. In short, her plan involved shipping the neurotoxic agents to Gardulla on Tatooine to cover her trail. The contraband cargo was then sent to Malastare, where Sebolto processed the poison into the death sticks before delivering the dangerously modified narcotics to Coruscant's underworld leaders, including Haugg, for smuggling.[3]

In the year 33 BBY, Vosa and the Bando Gora were involved with a plot to kill Hego Damask that was masterminded by the King of Naboo, Ars Veruna. Damask was secretly the Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Plagueis, though none of the conspirators, including Alexi Garyn's Black Sun crime syndicate, knew this and wanted revenge against him for their own reasons.[8]

Threatened by Vosa's growing influence, Darth Sidious ordered his new apprentice, Darth Tyranus, to kill the Bando Gora cultist.

Plagueis's Sith apprentice Darth Sidious tried to manipulate events such that the plot would succeed. To enable the conspirators, he sent his own apprentice, Darth Maul, to the prison space station Cog Hive Seven, with the mission to contact arms dealer Iram Radique and deliver a nuclear device to the Bando Gora. Maul summoned Vosa to the station using a code provided by former Bando Gora member Artagan Truax.[9]

Vosa and her followers arrived on the station as it was being destroyed due to a combination of Maul's actions and an attack by Jabba the Hutt. She encountered a freshly wounded Maul, but she did not know of his intention to aid her, so she attacked him. This proved to be a mistake, as she didn't know that she was going up against a full-fledged Sith Lord. Their duel was interrupted by the Syrox, a monstrous being that inhabited the station. Vosa and Maul killed the Syrox together. Vosa now agreed to work with Maul to take possession of the nuclear device. They escaped the destruction of Cog Hive Seven.[9]

The Black Sun and Bando Gora conspirators, taking clandestine flight to the Carrion sector, deployed the newly acquired nuclear device on the moon of Sojourn, targeting Damask's fortress-residence and life-extension laboratories there. However, Jabba, through his spy network, had learned of the attack and was able to warn Damask, helping him to escape by personal rescue in the Hutt's space yacht Star Jewel. While the galaxy's senior Dark Lord planned vengeance on all of the conspiratorial parties, including King Veruna, Black Sun, and Gardulla (whose fate he left to Jabba), Plagueis decided not to exact revenge on Vosa and the Bando Gora immediately.[8]

Jango Fett was one of several bounty hunters that Tyranus invited to participate in the hunt for Vosa.

In the aftermath of the crisis on Naboo in 32 BBY,[6] Darth Sidious[3]—who was in fact the secret persona of the newly-elected Supreme Chancellor Palpatine[10]—decided that the time had come to eliminate the leader of the Bando Gora. Sidious found Vosa to be a nuisance and was convinced that the demented Dark Jedi was a threat to his own plans for the future of the galaxy. By then, Vosa's former Master Dooku had renounced his allegiance to the Jedi Order and had secretly become Darth Tyranus, the new apprentice of the Dark Lord.[3] While Dooku's decision was solidified by the death of his first apprentice Qui-Gon Jinn, who had helped resolve the Naboo crisis at the cost of his life, the drop which had earlier made the defection vase begin to overflow was when Dooku learned that Vosa was still alive and leading a group that could pose a threat to the Republic.[8]

Despite his initial reluctance, Tyranus complied with his Master's order to kill Vosa. In addition to dismantling the Bando Gora, the Sith Lord-in-training was also instructed to locate a suitable genotype that would serve as the basis for a massive army of clone soldiers. Placing a bounty on Vosa in the amount of five million Republic credits, Tyranus intended to accomplish both tasks with a single contest. At Sidious's suggestion, Tyranus hired several of the galaxy's most lethal mercenaries, including two Mandalorian soldiers-turned-bounty hunters Jango Fett and Montross.[3]

Captured by Vosa's followers, Fett was subjected to torture and interrogation by the fallen Jedi.

Groff Haugg and Senator Trell were both killed when Fett and Montross—working in competition against one another—tracked Komari Vosa's low-level operatives to Coruscant. Her spies relayed the setbacks to their operations on the Republic capital, but the Dark Jedi dismissed the lost assets as irrelevant, insisting that gangsters and corrupt politicians were easily replaceable. She was also unconcerned about the hunters who were tracking her, given that the location of her citadel remained unknown to all but a select few contacts. However, she did vow to have Fett and Montross killed if either of them made any more progress in their search for her.[3]

Fett's exploits on Malastare and Tatooine resulted in the loss of Sebolto and (ostensibly) Gardulla, thus disrupting the Bando Gora's operations even further, much to the annoyance of Komari Vosa. With most of her underworld contacts dead and the cult's criminal network in disarray, Vosa admitted that she had underestimated Fett and Montross. She then issued an order for the deaths of both mercenaries, turning the hunters into prey for the Bando Gora.[3]

Zam Wesell's interference prevented Vosa from continuing her interrogation of Fett.

With the aid of a female Toydarian named Rozatta, Jango Fett learned that Komari Vosa's hidden base was located on Kohlma. He traveled to the dark moon in order to finish the hunt, but was also trailed by Montross who sought to claim Tyranus's reward. After killing numerous Bando Gora assassins, including Montross in a final duel to the death, Fett fought his way to the front entrance of the citadel. Upon entering the fortress however, he was quickly overwhelmed and captured by Vosa's followers. The Bando Gora tortured the bounty hunter in order to discern the identity of his employer, but Fett refused to cooperate in spite of the physical pain he endured. Vosa used a more psychological approach when she took over the interrogation, recalling her achievements against the Mandalorians on Galidraan during her life as a Jedi. Amused at the persistence of Fett's resistance to her methods, Vosa promised to enslave Fett to her will.[3]

Fett was ultimately saved by Zam Wesell, a female Clawdite mercenary who followed him to Kohlma in the hopes of claiming the five million credits for herself. Although she killed two Bando Gora guards, Wesell's skills with a blaster were inefficient against Vosa's training in Jar'Kai. Wielding two curved-hilted lightsabers, the fallen Jedi easily parried the blaster shots before redirecting a single stray bolt into Wesell's shoulder. As Vosa moved to decapitate her, Wesell freed Fett of his restraints in desperation. Though momentarily caught off guard, Vosa retreated deeper into the center of the citadel with Fett in pursuit.[3]


"He is here."
―Komari Vosa's last words, referring to Darth Tyranus[src]

Tyranus killed Vosa by way of the Force after she was defeated in battle by Fett.

The former Jedi Padawan and the Mandalorian bounty hunter confronted each other in Komari Vosa's throne room. Outmatched by Vosa's lightsaber skills and Force powers, Fett relied on his JT-12 jetpack and the advanced weaponry of his armor in order to stand a fighting chance against an opponent who was trained in the Jedi arts. He eventually defeated Vosa, but chose to spare her life as the reward was the same whether she was dead or alive upon capture. At that moment, Vosa felt nearby her old Master's presence in the Force. She then struggled for a few moments against his telekinetic grasp on her throat, but was ultimately throttled to death by Darth Tyranus.[3]

Although Tyranus was disappointed to lose a student as promising as Komari Vosa, he nonetheless congratulated Jango Fett for winning the contest. In addition to the five million credits, he offered to pay even more if the bounty hunter agreed to travel to Kamino to be cloned. Despite Fett's initial wariness, he agreed to become the template for a massive army of clones, all made in his own image and modified with accelerated growth and programmed obedience. He further complied with Tyranus's request that he personally oversee the clones' development and training to ensure that they became the perfect warriors. However, Fett's consent was based on the condition that he be allowed to claim the first clone for himself; a clone unmodified by genetic tampering and accelerated growth. Tyranus agreed to Fett's single demand and the two shook hands in agreement above Vosa's dead body, thus initiating the creation of the Grand Army of the Republic.[3]


"Imagine, an army of clones, the training of which you will oversee. They will be modified to grow at twice the rate of ordinary men, and will be programmed for absolute loyalty. They will be magnificent. Perfect warriors, like you."
―Darth Tyranus, to Jango Fett[src]

By defeating Vosa, Fett proved himself worthy of becoming the template of a secret clone army in Tyranus' eyes.

Near the commencement of the Clone Wars in 22 BBY, approximately one decade after[11] Komari Vosa's death,[3] Darth Tyranus began training an acolyte named Asajj Ventress, a female Nightsister of Dathomir, as his own personal assassin.[12] A skilled fighter with training in Jar'Kai, Ventress was given possession of Vosa's twin lightsabers by her new Master.[13][14][15][16]

Personality and traits[]

"Komari Vosa was once an excellent pupil, if a bit unstable."
―Darth Tyranus[src]

Komari Vosa was a fallen Jedi whose will broke under torture by the Bando Gora.

During her time with the Jedi Order, before turning to the dark side of the Force, Komari Vosa was regarded as a beautiful female Human, with sharp, angular features.[5] The combination of torture and the physical effects of the dark side transformed her appearance.[3] The Bando Gora inflicted dozens of small scars along her jawline and upper body,[5] while the dark side changed her blond hair[4] to a bone white color and her irises yellow.[3]

As a Jedi Padawan, Vosa possessed a strong spirit of aggression[5] and a passion for combat,[4] despite the Jedi Code's warnings against both emotions due to their seductive power that drew individuals to the dark side.[7] Vosa was a headstrong apprentice, impatient but exceptionally talented in the Jedi arts. Although Dooku overlooked Vosa's characteristic flaws in deference to her remarkable skills as a Jedi, it was ultimately Vosa's growing infatuation with her distinguished Master that led to her banishment from the Jedi Order. Vosa viewed her banishment as blatant betrayal and abandonment by Dooku and the Order, causing her to become immersed in bitter resentment of both.[5][9]

Subjected to physical and psychological agony by the Bando Gora, Vosa lost her sanity and underwent a drastic personality change. The effects of torture and her broken psyche opened Vosa's mind to the dark side of the Force. As a Dark Jedi, she became malevolent and vindictive; a deranged woman who reveled in her leadership of a cult composed of mindless, enslaved assassins.[5] Vosa, still an enthusiast for battle, would give in to fits of hysterical laughter.[17] While the combination of her madness and lack of ethics inspired fear throughout the criminal underworld, Darth Sidious perceived her to be insane and ultimately a threat to his own plans.[3]

Powers and abilities[]

"My powers are far beyond any of your barbaric weapons."
―Komari Vosa, to Jango Fett[src]

An adept in the art of Jar'Kai, Vosa wielded dual lightsabers.

A well-trained student in the Jedi arts, Komari Vosa was an accomplished practitioner in lightsaber combat. Though she demonstrated considerable skills as a duelist on Galidraan by personally vanquishing twenty Mandalorian warriors in battle, Vosa especially favored the use of paired lightsabers.[5] A lethally efficient wielder of the Jar'Kai combat form, Vosa was also talented in Soresu.[3] On Galidraan, she was capable of deflecting numerous long-range attacks from the Mandalorians.[4] She also utilized this defensive technique against Jango Fett and successfully blocked the majority of his attacks before her defeat.[3]

Soresu may have not been Vosa's only style. She had been able to redirect a blaster bolt towards Zam Wesell, suggesting a degree of Shien. She probably used Ataru while on the offensive, as she could perform acrobatic assaults. As her lightsabers had curved hilts, like that of her former mentor Dooku,[3] she might have learned Makashi, which was common for the weapon variant of her selection;[18] Dooku was a renowned Makashi practitioner within the Jedi Order,[19] so it would've made sense if he had taught Vosa the form.

Vosa had tested her dueling skills against Darth Maul at Cog Hive Seven and barely survived the encounter. While she may have had the advantage of two blades over Maul's one, the wounded Sith Lord denounced Jar'Kai as "predictable."[9] He had learned the form from his master, Darth Sidious,[20] which would've taught him what to expect from a fellow practitioner of it. Once Maul utilized Juyo, Vosa realized that she was outmatched.[9]

Tyranus gave Vosa's lightsabers to the assassin Asajj Ventress during the Clone Wars.

As a Force-wielder, Komari Vosa was adept at mind control, particularly over her Bando Gora followers who became enslaved to her will. In addition to possessing enhanced speed and agility through the Force, Vosa was also trained in utilizing certain forms of telekinesis such as Force Push,[3][9] Force Grip, and moving objects.[17] Through Force sense, Vosa was capable of detecting the presence of other lifeforms and could also communicate with them through telepathy. Her immersion in the dark side provided Vosa with a powerful vitality, allowing her to sustain dozens of blaster bolts with only minimal injury. However, this left her careless as she constantly dropped her defenses to rush at Fett, allowing the bounty hunter to gradually wear her down through a series of relentless long-range attacks.[3]

In addition to her knowledge of Galactic Basic Standard, Vosa was also fluent in several other forms of communication such as Huttese and Kaminoan, as well as the ancient language of the Sith.[17]



As a Jedi Padawan, Komari Vosa wielded a single-bladed lightsaber that contained a blue crystal. This was the Jedi weapon that she used on Galidraan to kill twenty seasoned warriors during the Jedi Order's confrontation with the True Mandalorians.[4] After her fall to the dark side of the Force, Vosa created two identical red-bladed lightsabers that contained a synthetic crystal. Both sabers were built with a curved-hilt,[3] reflecting her former Jedi Master's own weapon.[11] After Vosa's death, her lightsabers remained in Darth Tyranus's possession for years until he gave them both to Asajj Ventress.[13]

Behind the scenes[]

Komari Vosa was voiced by Tamara Phillips in Star Wars: Bounty Hunter.

In an alternate ending to Bounty Hunter, if the player loses against Komari Vosa, she leaps onto Jango Fett's shoulders and slices his head off with her dual lightsabers,[3] mirroring Fett's canonical demise by Mace Windu in Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones,[11] and Dooku's death in Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith.[21]

A date for Komari Vosa's apprenticeship to Dooku (50 BBY) is given in the Star Wars Annual 2008 as part of a timeline in Dooku's article. However, since the timeline has other obvious continuity issues, the date may not be accurate. Assuming Vosa was 12 years old when she was chosen as a Padawan, this gives her an approximate birthdate of 62 BBY.[1] She would then have been about 18 at the current placement of the Battle of Galidraan (44 BBY), and would have been captured by the Bando Gora at approximately age 23 in 39 BBY,[7] or age 29, if one subscribes to the dating of the Battle of Baltizaar (33 BBY) in James Luceno's novel Darth Plagueis;[8] she would have died at age 24, or age 30, respectively.


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