"The Force runs strong in that line, as, it is said, in the Skywalker line."
Tila Mong[src]

The Koon family was a Force-sensitive Kel Dor family from Dorin. Over many centuries, many became respected members of the Baran Do, as noted by Mistress Tila Mong. In addition, at least three members of the family were Jedi: Council member Plo Koon, his uncle, and Plo's niece, Sha.

The Kel Dor word "Koon" roughly translated into "explorer" in Basic.

Family tree[edit | edit source]

 Unknown Koon--+--Unknown spouse
        |                |
Plo Koon's uncle  Unknown sibling--+--Unknown spouse
                         |             |
                     Plo Koon  Unknown sibling--+--Unknown spouse
                                             Sha Koon

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