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Koong was a general active during the Imperial Period. He sabotaged the droid XR, and attempted to have Jann Tosh, R2-D2, C-3PO, and Dr. Akary Smith captured. He intended to arrive at the station personally after XR captured them, although immediately after the transmission, XR was destroyed by R2 by redirecting his blaster fire via a mirror.

Behind the scenesEdit

Koong was the main antagonist of the MyComyc strip Sabotaged Droid. He shared the same name as that of Bisad Koong, although he possessed a notably different appearance. Rich Hadley, when covering the strips in his Blog Droids and Ewoks return: Spain's lost Star Wars strips, mentioned that Koong was most likely intended to be a different character due to his holding the title of General instead of Governor.


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