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Kooriva was a planet[3] located in the galaxy's Inner Rim.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

In 232 BBY,[5] during the High Republic Era, flora and fauna from Kooriva was presented in a display module in the Starlight Beacon, a space station built in the Outer Rim Territories that was designed to act as a beacon for starships in the difficult-to-navigate Galactic Frontier.[6]

Native to a lost world, the reptilian Koorivar species settled on the previously unnamed planet at some point before 22 BBY, christening it Kooriva. A member world of the Galactic Republic, it was represented in the Galactic Senate[3] by the native Senator Passel Argente, who also served as the Magistrate of the Corporate Alliance.[4] The world and its senator both joined the Secessionist Movement led by the former Jedi Count Dooku and joined the Confederacy of Independent Systems on the outbreak of the Clone Wars.[3]

After the war ended with the defeat of the Separatists, Moff Wilhuff Tarkin subjugated the moon Antar 4 without differentiating between former Separatists and the rest of the population in order to send a message to other former Separatist worlds like Kooriva: that they must surrender all former Separatists, or be punished with them.[3]

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