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The Koorivar Fusiliers were soldiers under the employment of the Corporate Alliance that formed one of the few organic components of the Confederacy of Independent Systems' combined military forces during the Clone Wars.[1] They stood guard in factories and commanding offices of the Confederacy.

The unit consisted primarily of Koorivar. Members were distinguished by red head-armor, rib-armor, black metal boots, a hole for the horn on the forehead armor, and metal gloves. Their primary weapons were Koorivar-manufactured blasters.

General Oro Dassyne, perhaps the best known Koorivar Fusilier.

Passel Argente, the leader of the Corporate Alliance, took four or five of these as escorts. They were excellent warriors who only fought with their weapons when commanded.

Koorivar Fusiliers were deployed at Moorja and later at Bomis Koori IV under General Oro Dassyne. General Grievous also sometimes used these troopers in specific battle strategies during the Outer Rim Sieges.

Organization[edit | edit source]

The command structure of the Koorivar Fusiliers was similar to that of the Grand Army of the Republic, though much smaller. The Fusiliers also relied heavily on artillery units during battles, each emplacement manned by two engineers and a crew leader.

  • Regiment: Commanded by a general and composed of three battalions plus support personnel.
  • Battalion: Commanded by a colonel, a battalion was composed of three companies, plus support personnel
  • Company: Commanded by a captain, a company was composed of three platoons, plus support personnel.
  • Platoon: Commanded by a lieutenant, a platoon was composed of three squads.
  • Squad: Commanded by a sergeant in charge of twelve Fusiliers.

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