The Kor Chokk was a battleship analog used by the Yuuzhan Vong.


In battle, the Kor Chokk maneuvered little, preferring to intimidate the enemy with its presence alone. However, the grand cruiser was far from being unarmed and had about 120 yaret-kors and many large dovin basals that acted like an interdiction field that could capture enemy vessels.


A Kor Chokk amidst the Yuuzhan Vong fleet

While New Republic and Imperial Remnant vessels were repaired and advanced between battles, Kor Chokk cruisers began life as smaller ships, though the more battles they endured, the larger they grew. Parts of obsolete ships were also grafted onto Kor Chokk grand cruisers, building up its structure and covering wounds.

Additionally, the advances ensured that undamaged portions of host vessels were put to good use. The idea of grafting new elements onto the frame after a victory had its roots in Yuuzhan Vong society itself, where Warriors escalated themselves with organic implants to mark their successes.

These grafts resulted in the most powerful and infamous of these cruisers being massive, terrifying sights, littered with protrusions and new weapons or defenses. One of the Kor Chokk grand cruisers, Shedao Shai's Legacy of Torment, hardly appeared to be a spaceship at all; its implants had turned it into some kind of hideous mobile weapons tower. The Legacy of Torment would be responsible for the destruction of Ithor's climate.

Though all Kor Chokk grand cruisers differed in shape, all shared a number of traits. All grand cruisers featured multiple docking arms, from which their coralskipper squadrons were launched. These arms made up the bulk of the grand cruiser, and took up much of the ship's 'cargo space'. The ships were also protected on all sides by plasma launchers and dovin basals.


They were often referred to as the Yuuzhan Vong version of a Super Star Destroyer, though they had little in common with regard to appearance. The analogy has more to do with their immense power: they were more of a mobile space station than a grand cruiser, which was a nickname given to the Kor Chokk by the New Republic Intelligence Service.

Despite their infamy in battle, only a few such cruisers were deployed during the Yuuzhan Vong War. The extragalactic invaders only had access to a handful of the vessels, meaning that most had either died during the Yuuzhan Vong's journey from their galaxy, or were new additions to their fleet—lucky for the members of the New Republic forced to battle the gargantuan living vessels.

Shai's Legacy of Torment became the flagship of Deign Lian after the former's death on Ithor. Its new commander used the grand cruiser to deliver a lethal bioweapon into the atmosphere of Ithor, destroying its jungles and wildlife in minutes. With just one strike, the Kor Chokk had decimated the entire planet.



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