Kor Essen was a Nagai male slave.


Both Kor and his brother Vor Essen were captured by Chevin slaver Phylus Mon around 20 BBY[1] and imprisoned in Mon's slave zoo on board the Animiasma. They were eager to escape.

The Essens, should they find any would-be rescuers, would try to bribe them with self-made Tehk'la blades or electromesh armor, because they believed that every sentient would be motivated by material goods instead of abstract morals.

Phylus Mon surgically inserted an explosive near the heart of each of his slaves. The explosive would be activated in the case of Phylus Mon's death, but it could also be deactivated with the impact of an ion weapon. All the slaves in Phylus Mon's zoo were also regularly battered.



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  1. The Living Force Campaign Guide states that the Living Force campaign is set one year after the Invasion of Naboo, an event that is dated to 32 BBY by The New Essential Chronology. As the Living Force adventure Philology moved the campaign forward ten years to the time of the Clone Wars, and the adventure Night's Homecoming established that by Year 4 of the campaign over a year had elapsed since the events of Philology, A Mon Alone can therefore be dated to circa 20 BBY.
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