Korad was a planet in Elrood sector on the Elrood-Derilyn Trade Route. It was covered with starship and vehicle wrecks and was, in essence, a massive salvage yard operated during the Old Republic era by a corporation called Renew which eventually went bankrupt. During the Rebellion era many refugees and scavengers inhabited the planet. It was the homeworld of Slythor, a Squib crime lord.

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There was a small automated landing pad on the planet's north pole that was serviceable for repairing minor ship damage. Circling the planet's circumference like a natural space ring was a band of scrapped vessels, many dating back to the Old Republic. The barren surface was littered with wrecks, ranging from starfighters, to freighters, to repulsorlift vehicles, to old droids, to old landspeeders. The atmosphere was thick with the odor of leaking fluids from the wrecks, spilled chemicals and the like and required a breather mask.

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