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Kordi Freemaker was a member of the Freemakers. She was the second child of Lena and Pace Freemaker. She was the middle sister of Zander and Rowan Freemaker and was considered to be the leader of the family's operation. The Freemakers also had a B1-series battle droid member of the family named Roger, who was both a butler and a member of the Freemakers household.


Kordi Freemaker was born to Lena and Pace Freemaker on The Wheel.[1]

Helping Han Solo[]

Kordi and Zander Freemaker as babies with their parents.

When Kordi was a baby, Han Solo and Chewbacca came to the Freemaker Salvage and Repair shop. Here Han told Pace, who was Kordi and Zander Freemaker's father, that he needed a Durasteel-transmitter coil. Pace responded that they have not been made since the time of the Clone Wars. Han knew that Pace was a Clone Wars expert so that was why he came. Han told Pace that they should go to Ord Tellarom to get a Durasteel-transmitter coil. Han, Chewbacca, and the Freemakers which included Kordi, Pace, Lena, and Zander went to find a Durasteel-transmitter coil on a old Clone Wars battlefield on Ord Tellarom. When they arrived, they found a coil, but then a Zillo Beast attacked them. They eventually escaped and during this they found and saved R0-GR who became a member of the Freemakers.[1]

Salvaging on Nal Kapok[]

"What about that troop transport?"
―Kordi to Zander Freemaker while looking for a troop transport on Nal Kapok[6]

The Freemakers traveled to Nal Kapok

Following the Battle of Hoth, Kordi and her brothers were scavenging wreckage that had been left over from a space battle between the Galactic Empire and the Rebel Alliance. After Rowan drew the attention of the Imperial and Rebel starfighters by blowing up a Gozanti-class cruiser, the Freemakers returned to the Freemaker Garage. After arriving, they were accosted by their Aqualish landlord Furlac, who reminded them that they were overdue on their rent payments. They were also greeted by Roger, who had been baking cookies.[6]

Kordi helped Zander to cobble up a starship from parts they had salvaged during the dogfight. However, Rowan accidentally destroyed the ship by triggering the laser cannons from the head of an AT-ST walker. When Kordi proposed that Zander sell his "Uglies" (which he called "Z-wings"), he refused and instead suggested doing a salvage run on a Clone Wars battlefield. As a result, Kordi and the other Freemakers including Roger traveled to the jungle world of Nal Kapok in order to obtain salvage and make a quick buck. Nal Kapok had been a battlefield during the Clone Wars and was still littered with wreckage from that conflict. After leaving Roger to babysit Rowan on the StarScavenger, Kordi and Zander attempted to remove an engine from an Imperial transport, which they mistakenly assumed was derelict.[6]

They were soon captured by Imperial stormtroopers, who were unhappy with their intrusion. Kordi attempted to convince the stormtroopers to release them by claiming they were Imperial inspectors. However, the stormtroopers arrested them and brought them inside the transport for interrogation. The Imperial officer wanted to ship them to the spice mines of Kessel as punishment. At that point, they were rescued by Rowan, who had commandeered a vintage AT-TE walker. Rowan managed to drive off the Imperials with the help of a Jedi woman named Naare.[6]

The Freemakers befriended Naare and took her back to the Freemaker Garage. Naare then told Kordi that she intended to take Rowan as her apprentice after noticing his "amazing ability" to sense kyber crystals. Naare also claimed that she was on a quest to find the pieces of the legendary Kyber Saber so that she could defeat the Empire. Kordi was initially reluctant to let Naare train her brother and thought that Naare was filling his mind with stories. However, Naare managed to win Kordi's trust by talking about restoring peace to the galaxy. Unknown to the Freemakers, Naare was a secret Sith agent who was working for Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader to find the Kyber Saber. The Emperor hoped to utilize the ancient artifact for himself.[6]

Trouble with Graballa[]

The Freemakers and Roger in the Belgaroth asteroid field

Following the adventures on Nal Kapok, Kordi caught Naare and Rowan trying to sneak away on a quest to find the second Kyber Saber crystal in the Belgaroth asteroid field. Kordi criticized Naare for filling her brother's head with "nonsense" and putting his life in danger. Naare responded that the fate of the galaxy depended on finding the Kyber Saber crystals. Naare then attempted to play a mind trick on Kordi but Kordi proved resistant. When Kordi realized that Naare was trying to manipulate her, an argument broke out. While the adults argued, Rowan and Roger sneaked away on one of Zander's Z-wings to find the kyber crystal.[7]

After the Freemakers and Naare realized that Rowan had taken a Z-wing, Kordi and Zander traveled to the Belgaroth field on the StarScavenger while Naare traveled in her Eclipse Fighter. Meanwhile, Rowan and Roger found the second Kyber Saber crystal but were captured by the Hutt crime lord Graballa, who desired the crystals for himself. The Freemakers and Naare arrived at Graballa's ship Rancor's Fist just as Graballa was about to feed Rowan and Roger to his nexu Smiley.[7]

Posing as salespeople, Kordi and Zander attempted to convince the Hutt crimelord to buy a hastily cobbled-up Z-wing. However, Graballa was not interested and saw Rowan, Roger, and Naare attempting to sneak away. Following a brief struggle, the Freemakers and Naare escaped in the Z-wing. In the process, the kyber crystal was lost in the vacuum of space. Graballa's henchmen pursued the Freemaker in their starfighters but Naare used the Force to clear a path through the asteroid field and to destroy most of the pursuers. This display of Force power impressed Kordi, who had been suspicious of the "Jedi."[7]

After returning to the StarScavenger, Rowan apologized for his actions. While Zander was annoyed with Rowan, Kordi defended her younger brother and remarked that it was worth the trouble rescuing him. When Rowan suddenly sensed the second kyber saber crystal, Kordi and Zander reluctantly flew the ship towards the crystal. Together, Kordi, the other Freemakers, and Naare celebrated their triumph. However, Rowan's actions attracted the attention of Graballa, who wanted to use the crystals to fund a beachside resort.[7]

Rescuing Zander[]

Kordi and Rowan learn about Zander's troubles

Later, the Freemakers received a job from fellow Wheel resident Wick Cooper to service his vintage N-1 starfighter. Knowing Zander's poor impulse control around starships, Kordi gave Rowan and Roger strict instructions to keep Zander distracted. Despite Rowan's best efforts, Zander was able to smell the starfighter's chromium. Meanwhile, Kordi attended to Cooper who made a list of excessive demands and questioned the competence of the Freemakers. After hearing Zander and Rowan fighting, Kordi rushed into the Freemaker Garage to sort out her brothers. She warned Zander not to alienate Cooper because he had been their latest customer in a long time. Despite Kordi's efforts to warn Zander not to touch the N-1 starfighter, Zander took advantage of his sister's momentary distraction to take the starfighter for a joyride.[8]

Kordi expressed frustration towards Rowan for not stopping Zander. When Cooper entered the garage, Kordi and Rowan claimed that the ship was "in the back." Kordi and Rowan then led Cooper back to the reception and attempted to flatter him by offering to extra work on his starfighter. While Rowan and Roger pretended to repair the N-1 starfighter by banging equipment, Kordi tried to reassure Cooper that his ship was being repaired but prevented him from entering the garage to inspect the work for himself. Later, Kordi and Rowan received a hologram call from Zander that he had been arrested by the Empire for "interfering" with Imperial business. Zander was detained aboard the Imperial Star Destroyer Vendetta.[8]

While Roger entertained Cooper, Kordi and Rowan embarked on a mission to rescue Zander. After ruling out hiring bounty hunters, Kordi and Rowan managed to convince a reluctant Naare to help them rescue Zander. Kordi and Rowan traveled to the Vendetta aboard a modified Class-D cargo container fitted with TIE solar panels while Naare traveled on her own ship, the Eclipse Fighter. Despite a faulty transponder, Kordi and Rowan managed to gain permission to land in the Star Destroyer's hangar after Rowan repaired it. After entering a corridor, Kordi and Rowan encountered two stormtroopers. Fortunately for them, Naare came to their rescue by slicing open the floor and knocking out the stormtroopers. While Kordi was suspicious of Naare's explanation that she had used a mind trick to gain admission, the three proceeded to the brig to rescue Zander from his cell.[8]

After evading two Imperial officers, Kordi and her companions managed to free Zander from his cell. Traveling back to the hangar bay, the Freemakers and Naare were cornered by Darth Vader and his stormtroopers. Naare slipped out the garbage chute; leaving Kordi and her brothers alone to confront Vader. The Freemakers tried to convince Vader that they were not spies but ship repair personnel. However, the Sith Lord did not believe them until Zander confessed that he had taken an N-1 starfighter out for a joyride, but ended up trying to race a-wings, and showing off lasers. Darth Vader then took the N-1 starfighter out for a joyride only to be pursued by TIE fighters. While Vader fought with his own TIE fighters, Kordi confronted Zander over his actions.[8]

In the end, Rowan managed to retrieve the N-1 starfighter by using his comlink to summon the tractor beam. While Vader was distracted by his stormtroopers, the Freemakers and Naare took the opportunity to return in their starships to the Freemaker Garage. Back at the Wheel, the Freemakers were confronted by a furious Cooper who was enraged that his antique starfighter had been wrecked by Zander's joyriding. As compensation, Kordi offered up Zander's other ships to Cooper. Cooper settled for Zander's prized Blazemaker prototype but the craft blew up due to faulty fusion tubes. Cooper survived the crash and threatened to sue the Freemakers.[8]

Calrissian's Lost Treasure[]

The Freemakers on Cloud City

Following the incident with Cooper's N-1 starfighter, the Freemakers began experiencing financial difficulties. While searching for loose Credits, a frustrated Kordi toyed with the idea of selling Roger; prompting an alarmed gasp from the battle droid. Later, Kordi expressed annoyance after she learnt that Rowan had found them a job recovering the rebel and former entrepreneur Lando Calrissian's "lost treasure" from Cloud City, which was presently under Imperial occupation. However, she relented due to the family's dire financial straits.[9]

Kordi and her brothers managed to bluff their way into Cloud City by posing as repair mechanics attending to the damaged Carbon-freeze chamber. While Rowan and Zander headed to the chamber, Kordi infiltrated Calrissian's disco pad. There, she found the "lost treasure" in a brief case stowed inside a safety deposit box behind a portrait of Calrissian. When two stormtroopers entered the room, Kordi tried to hide under the bed but was covered. She managed to bluff her way out by posing as a servant checking for itch mites.[9]

Kordi managed to rejoin her brothers in the carbon-freeze chamber only to encounter Naare and Graballa's bounty hunters Dengar, Baash, and Raam. A struggle ensued and the bounty hunters headed off with Rowan's carbon-frozen body. Unable to stop the gangsters from escaping, the Freemakers and Naare headed to the engine room where Zander used Naare's lightsaber to sever the cable linked to the repulsorlift generator. Zander's action prevented Dengar and his associates from escaping but caused the city to plunge into the depths of Bespin. Amidst the chaos, they managed to recover Calrissian's "lost treasure" and Rowan.[9]

After defrosting Rowan, Rowan managed to repair the repulsorlift cable; restoring Cloud City to its normal floating position. The Freemakers and Naare then returned to the Wheel where they handed the treasure back to Calrissian; who rewarded them with bars of gold. The treasure was revealed to be Calrissian's blue cape.[9]

Mission to Kashyyyk[]

The Freemakers and Roger on Kashyyyk

Later, the Freemakers began experiencing financial difficulties again. Overdue on their rent payments, Kordi reluctantly accepted a job from the Twi'lek noble Ignacio Wortan to obtain a piece of wroshyr wood from the Wookiee homeworld of Kashyyyk to make a new headset. Unable to speak Shyriiwook and to afford a translator droid, Kordi fitted Roger with a translation chip despite Rowan's offer to translate. Kordi and her brothers managed to travel past the Imperial blockade around Kashyyyk in the StarScavenger, which was modified to resemble an Imperial shuttle.[10]

Upon landing, the Freemakers and Roger were accosted by a band of Wookiees led by Chief Attiburra. Speaking Shyriiwook, Rowan managed to convince the Wookiees that they were friendly and that they only wanted a piece of wroshyr wood. Attiburra gave the Freemakers the wood but sent them on a mission to rescue his son Tantarra from a Trandoshan island fortress. When Kordi and Zander tried to walk out of the deal, Rowan and Roger explained that turning down the mission would be dishonorable in Wookiee culture. The Freemakers reluctantly embarked on the rescue mission.[10]

While Roger stayed behind with the ship, Kordi and her brothers traveled on speeder bikes to the Trandoshans fortress. They managed to infiltrate the fortress by using an improvised catapult. The Freemakers then managed to convince the guards they were repair crew. The Freemakers managed to free Tantarra from his cell and then headed to the top of a tower to await pick-up from Roger. However, the Imperial officers Durpin and Plumestriker arrived to get their Trandoshans allies to deal with the intruders and sounded the alarm. When the StarScavenger arrived, Zander fired a flare gun which gave the Wookiees the signal to attack the Trandoshans fortress.[10]

Before they could leave with Roger, Rowan suddenly sensed the third Kyber Saber crystal within the fortress. The Freemakers and Tantarra ventured inside a chamber where they retrieved the crystal from a Trandoshans statue. After reuniting Tantarra with his father, Kordi and her brothers headed back to the StarScavenger. On the way, Kordi tripped on a branch and was held up. Meanwhile, her brothers and Rowan were cornered by Durpin and Plumestriker who tried to capture them. Kordi knocked them out with the wroshyr wood panel but damaged the object. Kordi considered venturing back to the fortress to get another but decided not to after she saw an explosion.[10]

Upon returning to the Wheel, Kordi presented the damaged wroshyr wood to Ignacio. However, the captain saw that it was damaged and called off the deal. Kordi was deeply upset that she had failed to secure money for their bills. Zander comforted and embraced his younger sister.[10]

Helping the Rebellion[]

The Freemakers and Leia

Later, Kordi and her brothers received a new job from Wick Cooper to service his speeder bike. Shortly later, the Freemakers were visited by Princess Leia Organa and Luke Skywalker, who were members of the Rebel Alliance. Their Y-wing starfighter had been damaged during a dogfight with TIE fighters. Low on funds and well behind on their rent, Kordi coaxed an offer from Leia to pay five times the price of their Y-wing.[11]

Luke and Leia's presence eventually attracted the attention of the Imperial officer Estoc. Meanwhile, Roger accidentally took Luke and Rowan on a joyride aboard the StarScavenger. When Estoc searched the Freemaker Garage, Kordi and Zander hid Leia in an incinerator. After Estoc left the scene, the Freemakers managed to pull Leia out of the incinerator before she could be crushed with the rubbish. Leia and the Freemakers were then spotted by Estoc and her stormtroopers, who gave chase.[11]

Kordi and Leia fled up the turbolift to the Upper Ring, the upmarket part of the Wheel. After devouring a tray of appetizers, Kordi and Leia fled into Mr Cooper's penthouse. Kordi used a plant pot to pose as a cleaning droid. The two then proceeded to clean Cooper's house while hiding from Estoc and her stormtroopers. When Cooper made a joke about the destruction of Alderaan, Leia assaulted him; inadvertently blowing her cover. When the real cleaning droids arrived, Cooper alerted the Imperials; forcing Kordi and Leia to flee.[11]

The two women fled into a diner where Leia saved Kordi from being arrested by Estoc and her stormtroopers. The two were then picked up by Zander on Cooper's speeder bike and fled back to the Freemaker Garage. The Freemakers then managed to lay the Imperials off Leia's trail by sending her Y-wing into space. The decoy Y-wing was promptly destroyed by the Imperials, who believed that Leia and Luke were dead. Kordi and Zander managed to convince Estoc that the rebels had coerced them into helping them.[11]

Shortly later, Luke returned with Rowan and Roger aboard the StarScavenger. With their Y-wing destroyed, Kordi and Zander allowed Luke and Leia to purchase one of their Z-wings at a low price in the name of helping the rebellion. The Freemakers' encounters with Leia and Luke made them more sympathetic to the rebellion.[11]

Trap on Tatooine[]

The Freemakers on Tatooine

Following Kordi and Zander's encounter with Luke and Leia, Kordi accompanied her brothers and Roger on a trip to Tatooine. Zander had received a job offer from the podracer pilot Ben Quadinaros, who was participating in the 29th Annual Bricklayers' Classic race in Mos Espa. Kordi was enthusiastic about this offer since the Freemakers were short on credits. Before leaving, Kordi also reprimanded her younger brother Rowan for neglecting to look after astromech droid parts.[12]

On Mos Espa, the Freemakers began servicing Ben's podracer; with Kordi finding the heat intolerable. Shortly later, the Freemakers discovered that their job offer had been a ruse by Graballa to lure them into a trap. Graballa wanted Rowan in order to find the remaining Kyber Saber crystals. BeforFlighe Graballa could deal with the Freemakers, he was distracted by his cousin Jabba. With Graballa momentarily preoccupied, the Freemakers took their chance to escape on a podracer. Graballa sent his henchmen Dengar, Baash, and Raam after the fugitives but the Freemakers managed to lose their pursuers. Despite the odds, the Freemakers also won the 29th Annual Bricklayers' Classic race.[12]

After winning the race, the Freemakers fled on their podracer into the Dune Sea. Pursued by Graballa and his henchmen, Kordi and her family sought refuge inside a derelict sandcrawler. Kordi and Zander managed to contact Naare despite Rowan's protests. The Freemakers managed to hold off Graballa and his henchmen with a box of thermal detonators long enough for Naare to arrive on the Eclipse Fighter. Naare managed to fight the gangsters and rescue Rowan. However, Kordi, Zander, and Roger were captured by the gangsters. Using her Force powers and lightsaber skills, Naare freed Kordi and the other Freemakers and drove the gangsters away. The Freemakers then traveled back with Naare to the Wheel. However, Rowan uncovered compelling evidence in the form of Naare's Sith lightsaber which proved that she was a Sith agent.[12]

Flight to Takodana[]

The Freemakers and Hondo

Rowan revealed the truth about Naare's Sith identity to Kordi and Zander. The Freemakers and Roger made preparations to leave the Freemaker Garage aboard the StarScavenger. When Naare knocked on their door, Roger tried to distract her but the Sith was not fooled. She forced her way into the Garage and had a brief exchange with Rowan. Following a brief struggle, the Freemakers managed to escape in the StarScavenger. Following a brief chase, they managed to lose Naare amidst the space traffic and fled into hyperspace.[13]

With their starship's quantum field regulator damaged, the Freemakers sought refuge at Maz Kanata's castle on the planet Takodana. After landing, Zander found himself in trouble when his shipped accidentally scraped the Weequay pirate Hondo Ohnaka's starship. Before a fight could break out between Zander, Rowan, and Hondo's henchmen, Kordi managed to talk her brothers out of trouble by offering to work for Hondo as compensation. As a collateral, she agreed to leave the StarScavenger. Hondo accepted the deal and sent the Freemakers to collect three golden orbs from the third moon of Takodana. However, Hondo warned them that there was a "catch."[13]

Following an uncomfortable journey aboard their cramped Mini Scavenger, the Freemakers reached the sinkhole where the golden orbs were stored. However, Kordi and the others quickly discovered that the sinkhole was guarded by many varactyls. Kordi proposed waiting till nighttime to obtain the golden orbs. She assigned Rowan to act as a "snipe spotter" while Roger was tasked with retrieving the golden orbs. Kordi and Zander flew the scavenger vessel over the sinkhole and lowered Roger inside. Overcome by greed, Kordi then urged Roger to take more than three golden orbs.[13]

However, Roger lost his grip over the golden orbs and stirred the sleeping varactyls. The varactyls ripped Roger apart and proceeded to toss the scavenger vessel with Kordi and Zander in it. Before anymore harm could come to the Freemakers, Rowan intervened and managed to reason with the varactyls. After learning that the golden orbs were actually varactyl eggs, Rowan apologized to the varactyls and made peace with them. The following morning, Kordi reassured her younger brother that he was special. This gave them the courage to confront Hondo and his gang.[13]

The Freemakers returned to Maz Kanata's castle where they confronted Hondo and his gang. Hondo was aware that the golden orbs were varactyl eggs. Annoyed at Rowan for defying him, Hondo ordered his men to break the Freemakers' heads. However, Maz Kanata intervened and expelled Hondo and his gang. Impressed by the Freemakers' nobility, she gave them the quantum regulator for free. In addition, she also gave Rowan the fourth Kyber Saber crystal.[13]

Hunt for the Crystals[]

Kordi in her Naboo royal costume

After repairing the StarScavenger, the Freemakers made preparations to leave Takodana. However, they were ambushed by Naare, who had arrived on her Eclipse Fighter with Graballa's starship Rancor's Fist in tow. Naare had forged an alliance with Graballa to capture Rowan in return for half of the Kyber Saber crystals. Naare managed to steal the fourth Kyber Saber crystal. The Freemakers gave chase but were attacked by the Rancor's Fist. With little choice, the Freemakers were forced to flee into hyperspace.[14]

Once in space, the Freemakers discussed their next plans. They decided to prevent Naare from reforging the Kyber Saber by getting to the other crystals first. Rowan knew that the two next crystals were on Naboo and Ningoth. At Zander's insistence, the Freemakers decided to avoid Naboo and instead travel to the ocean world of Ningoth. While Roger stayed behind to guard the StarScavenger, Kordi and her brothers traveled in Zander's submarine, which she christened the Bubbly Subbly. Underwater, the Freemakers discovered that the fifth Kyber Saber crystal was on the antennae of an Opee sea killer. Rowan managed to trade the crystal for the submarine's lamp.[14]

Before the Freemakers could leave Ningoth, they were ambushed by Naare and Graballa. Using the StarScavenger's chain, they managed to drag Naare's fighter underwater. After breaking lose, they managed to launch the Bubbly Subbly into the StarScavenger's cargo bay. However, Naare used the Force to snatch the sixth crystal out of Rowan's grasp again. With little choice, the Freemakers decided to continue their hunt for the sixth crystal on Naboo.[14]

On Naboo, Rowan discovered that the sixth Kyber Saber crystal was hidden inside the Theed Royal Palace, which had been revamped as the Emperor Palpatine Museum. The Freemakers decided to break into the Museum at night. Zander smuggled Roger into the Museum disguised as a Clone Wars exhibit while Kordi and the others waited. That night, Roger let them into the Museum. After Roger and Zander were distracted by a battle droid exhibit and an N-1 starfighter, Kordi vowed to focus on the quest but got distracted by the sight of several of the late Padmé Amidala's royal gowns on display. She tried on the former Queen's royal gown and headdress.[14]

After Rowan accidentally toppled Palpatine's statues which triggered a chain reaction that caused Zander's N-1 starfighter to crash into the Theed Hangar. Upon seeing Roger helping Zander out of the starfighter, she asked the two "nerf herders" what they were doing. When Zander and Roger noticed her costume, Kordi defended her right to have fun. At that point, the three were surrounded by Generals Durpin, Plumestriker, and several stormtroopers. After Plumestriker recognized the intruders, the Imperials prepared to execute them.[14]

However, Rowan disguised himself as the Emperor and put a stop to the execution; claiming the intruders were "generous donors." Rowan then found the sixth crystal inside Kordi's headdress. Before they could leave, they were cornered by Naare and the bounty hunter Dengar. A gun battle broke out which ended with Rowan collapsing the N-1 fighter; triggering an explosion that demolished the entire Museum. Kordi and the other Freemakers managed to escape but were forced to leave the crystal behind. Once in space, the Freemakers discussed how Naare had been able to find them only to learn that the Sith had been using Roger's transmission pack as a homing beacon and an eavesdropping device.[14]

Adventure on Zoh[]

The Freemakers and N-3RO on Zoh

Following the events on Naboo, Kordi and Zander removed the transmission pack from Roger. When Rowan proposed finding the Maker of Zoh, Kordi asked her younger brother to explain more. Rowan then explained that Maz Kanata had told him to seek the Maker of Zoh. At the urging of Rowan and Kordi, the Freemakers set a course for Zoh. Upon entering Zoh's atmosphere, Kordi remarked that someone had rearranged piles of junk into beautiful double helix shapes. After landing, the Freemakers were surrounded by several local droids led by N-3RO. Despite Roger's attempts to convince the droids that the organics were friendly, N-3RO designated the Freemakers a threat after learning they had removed Roger's transmission pack.[15]

A scuffle ensued that was only broken up by the arrival of the former Sith clone Jek, who identified himself as the Maker of Zoh. He reassured his droids that the Freemakers were friendly and allowed them to collect junk from Zoh. Kordi's utterance of the word "scrap" annoyed N-3RO, who was still convinced that the Freemakers apart from Roger were a threat. Kordi, Zander, and Roger then scavenged for junk but found most of it useless. When Roger accidentally toppled a crescent-shaped structure that almost killed them, Kordi and Zander expressed annoyance with him and told him to return to the ship to "recalibrate the calibrators."[15]

While exploring a hill made out of junk, Kordi and Zander encountered N-3RO's lieutenant BL-OX, who claimed he could he lead them to a place where they could find better scrap. Upon arriving at the site, they were ambushed by N-3RO and his droid followers who took them captive. N-3RO intended to crush them with a crane but was stopped by Rowan and Jek-14, who had finished a lesson. Using his Force powers, Rowan built a flying machine and spirited Kordi and Zander away to safety. However, the machine crashed and Kordi and Zander landed on the scrap heap. The four organics were then taken prisoner by the droids.[15]

N-3RO gave orders to "decommission" the Freemakers and Jek-14, whom he deemed irredeemable. Before he could execute them, Roger appeared and spoke up for his masters. Despite "bad days", he still loved them as family and announced that he was a Freemaker. Roger then reattached his transmission pack, prompting Naare and Graballa to travel to Zoh with their ships. When Naare and Graballa attacked, the Freemakers managed to break free of their bonds. While Kordi thanked Roger for bring more "bad guys", Zander praised the droid for thinking like a Freemaker. At Jek's urging, the Freemakers fled into space. They then traveled to Hoth to find the seventh Kyber Saber crystal with Naare and Graballa hot on their trail.[15]

Race to Hoth[]

The Freemakers befriend a baby wampa

Kordi and her brothers raced to Hoth on the StarScavenger with Naare and Graballa hot in pursuit. In an attempt to lose their pursuers, the Freemakers flew their ship into a snowstorm. However, Naare was able to see through the Force and fired several shots at the StarScavenger. Using the Force, Rowan managed to guide the ship to safety. Kordi, who was in the gunner's turret, spotted a mountain behind the clouds and managed to alert Zander, who was piloting the ship. The Freemakers manage to avoid flying into the mountain but Naare, Graballa, and Dengar's ships were not so lucky.[16]

After landing, Kordi and her brothers explored a nearby cave network while Roger guarded the ship. They soon encountered a baby wampa that took a liking to Zander. The Freemakers eventually stumbled upon a chamber full of crystals. Using the Force, Rowan found the seventh Kyber Saber crystal. However, the crystal was a keystone that triggered a booby trap system that caused a cave-in. The Freemakers managed to dig themselves out with the help of Rowan's stolen lightsaber. Upon reaching the surface, they discovered that the StarScavenger was trapped under a frozen lake and that Roger's logic processor was frozen, leaving the droid only able to utter "genius."[16]

Together, the Freemakers used two tauntauns to draw a damaged snowspeeder to Echo Base. There, they discovered that the Empire had taken over the base and stationed the disgraced Imperial officers Durpin and Plumestriker to guard it. Durpin attempted to shoot the Freemakers with his blaster but the baby wampa bit him in the leg. Plumestriker fired on the wampa, prompting the mother wampa to attack the two Imperials. Howeve, Plumestriker managed to alert Naare and the Freemakers were forced to prepare for an assault. Using their mechanical skills and Rowan's Force powers, the Freemakers rebuilt an AT-AT walker and the snowspeeder.[16]

During the ensuing skirmish, Kordi and Roger operated the AT-AT walker while Rowan and Zander flew in the snowspeeder. Kordi's walker managed to shoot down Graballa's ship, which crashed and freed the StarScavenger from its tomb. Her brothers managed to down Dengar's ship before being shot down by Naare's starfighter. Kordi then shot down Naare's ship, causing it to crash. However, Naare survived the crash and used her Force powers to summon an avalanche which toppled Kordi's walker. Kordi and her family managed to flee when Naare was run over by Plumestriker, Durpin, and the pursuing wampa. The four Freemakers sought refuge in a cave when Naare issued an ultimatum. She offered to stop pursuing them if they surrender the seventh Kyber crystal.[16]

Despite Kordi and Zander's warnings, Rowan pretended to comply with Naare's offered but switched the real crystal with an ice block. The Freemakers then fled aboard the StarScavenger and escaped into space. Once aboard, they decided not to return to the Wheel but to travel the galaxy as a family. When Kordi suggested Kamino, Zander thought it was too wet. When Zander suggested Tatooine, Kordi replied it was too dry. Both Kordi and Zander demanded that Rowan return after their younger brother left with Roger and the seventh crystal on the Mini Scavenger. Rowan wanted to prevent Naare from gaining the crystal and did not want any more harm to come to his family.[16]

Return to the Wheel[]

Kordi and Zander searching for Rowan

Following the events on Hoth, Kordi and Zander traveled to several worlds including Naboo, Bespin, Kashyyyk, and Tatooine to search for their younger brother Rowan but found no sign of him. After a group of Jawas stole their tools on Tatooine, the brother and sister headed back on their landspeeder to the StarScavenger. Unknown to them, the two Freemakers were being watched by the Kubaz spy Garindan who reported on their movements to Graballa. Upon arriving back at the Freemaker Garage, Kordi and Zander were greeted by their landlord Furlac, who demanded payment for their rent and compensation for damage to their garage door. Shortly later, Naare, Graballa, and his henchmen arrived and trapped Kordi and Zander.[17]

After Furlac fled, Naare and Graballa had Kordi and Zander put into chains. When they refused to cooperate, Naare decided to torture them as a means of drawing Rowan out of hiding. After destroying the StarScavenger's turrets to hurt Zander, Naare burned Kordi's credits before using the Force to disintegrate Zander's starfighters. Naare's plan succeeded and Rowan and Roger arrived back on the scavenger vessel before she could torture them with her lightsaber. After landing, Rowan managed to free Kordi and Zander from their chains by deflecting the bounty hunter Dengar's laser bolts. Kordi and Zander then took part in a gun battle against Graballa's henchmen including Dengar, Baash, and Raam.[17]

Working together, Kordi and Zander managed to trap Baash and Raam under a magnetizer. Kordi was then pursued by Dengar but she turned the tables on him by trapping his bandages in a turbofan. Meanwhile, Rowan, who had grown in his Force powers and lightsaber skills, managed to fight Naare to a standstill. However, the Sith discovered that Roger knew the location of the last Kyber Saber crystal. After stealing Roger's head, Naare used the Force to pin Kordi and Zander down before burying Rowan under a pile of debris. Naare then turned on Graballa and his henchmen and departed with Roger's head on the Eclipse Fighter. After the fighting had ended, Kordi and Zander dug Rowan out of the debris and comforted their younger brother. Rowan was initially despondent but experienced the epiphany that he was neither a Jedi nor Sith but a Freemaker. Together, the Freemakers resolved to defeat Naare once and for all.[17]

Showdown on Coruscant[]

Kordi and her siblings encounter the Rebel Alliance

After Rowan used the Force to repair the Freemaker Garage and the StarScavenger, Kordi and Zander reluctantly agreed to support Rowan's plan to stop Naare by posing as the Emperor. Putting their plan into action, the Freemakers traveled on the StarScavenger to the galactic capital Coruscant. There, they infiltrated the Imperial Palace through the sewers. On the way, she encountered a pair of stormtroopers. Instead of reasoning with them, she decided to chain them up. Meanwhile, Naare rebelled against the Emperor and returned to Coruscant to overthrow him with the reforged Kyber Saber. After infiltrating Rowan into the palace, Kordi and Zander retrieved Roger's head and returned to the StarScavenger.[4]

Zander and Kordi later used the StarScavenger to rescue several spectators including Wick Cooper who had been thrown from a platform by Naare for refusing to recognize her as Empress of the Galaxy. Later, the two siblings picked up their younger brother Rowan from the Imperial Palace after he escaped with the Kyber Saber. The Freemakers then fled on their ship through the sky lanes of Coruscant pursued by Imperial TIE fighters. Kordi and Rowan managed to escape by disguising the StarScavenger while Zander took out several TIEs with his Blazemaker Mark II.[4]

The Freemakers then fled into hyperspace. After Rowan destroyed the Kyber Saber by plunging it into the volcanic world of Sullust, the Freemakers decided to travel he stars as a family. They were unable to return home to the Wheel because the Empire had designated Rowan as their 27 Most Wanted fugitive. Shortly later, they encountered the Alliance Fleet led by Admiral Ackbar and accepted an offer to join the Rebel Alliance.[4]

Joining the Rebellion[]

Bartering across the galaxy[]

After receiving Admiral Ackbar's invitation, Kordi and her family were delighted to join the Rebellion. Kordi was motivated by the fact that they would not have to scrounge for credits anymore. They flew the StarScavenger into the MC80 star cruiser Home One's hangar bay where they were greeted by Admiral Ackbar. After exchanging pleasantries, Kordi informed the Admiral that they were scavengers. With the rebel pilot Lieutenant Valeria needing a new Type A vector coil for her U-wing starfighter, Ackbar offered to hire the rebels if they could fetch a new vector coil.[18]

Kordi accepted the offer and brought an ignition switch along. She and her family traveled to several worlds including Bespin, Takodana, Kashyyyk, and Tatooine. During those trips, Kordi bartered the ignition switch for several objects including a comlink degausser, an ion projector, a Type Two power cell, and a repulsor disc. On Tatooine, Kordi managed to barter their repulsor disc for a Type A vector coil with a band of Jawas. After rescuing her brothers and Roger from a sarlacc, the Freemakers returned to Home One where Kordi attached the vector coil to Lieutenant Valeria's ship. A grateful Admiral Ackar then agreed to hire them.[18]

Roger, the unlikely hero[]

After Roger was beaten by the other rebel droids after accidentally serving them motor oil, Kordi comforted Roger and repaired his arm. When an Imperial Star Destroyer attacked the Home One, Kordi and her siblings helped the rebels by preparing their starfighters for takeoff. Oblivious to the battle, Roger "borrowed" several spareparts including one of the twin engines for a Y-wing that Kordi and Rowan were fixing. Roger ultimately turned the tide of the battle by accidentally catapulting himself into space using his improvised buffer. Kordi and the other Freemakers later attended Roger's award ceremony.[19]

Assault on Strike Station Aurek[]

Prior to Blue Squadron's planned strike on Strike Station Aurek, Kordi and Zander were repairing several of the squadron's starfighters. While baking sweet-sand cookies, Roger bumped into Rowan, who was standing on top of several crates. The crates toppled in a domino effect and damaged the starfighters. Kordi panicked and feared that they would be fired out a torpedo tube into a sun.[20]

While Rowan and Roger repaired the starfighters, Kordi and Zander tried to delay Lieutenant Valeria and her men by pretending to navigate an S-foil through a tight corner. Valeria managed to blast her way through. Kordi and Zander were worried but were mollified to find that Rowan and Roger had repaired the fighters. The Freemakers experienced an unexpected set back when Roger accidentally built himself into Valeria's Y-wing. Rowan was forced to accompany Roger and Valeria's fighter into battle. After they returned unscathed, Kordi remarked that the Force was with Rowan.[20]

Zander's first dogfight[]

After Lieutenant Valeria turned down Zander's offer to join Blue Squadron on the grounds that his Blazemaker Mark II lacked blasters, Kordi encouraged her brother not to give up. Donning a welding mask, she attached a laser cannon to Zander's starfighter with the help of Rowan. After Zander installed a magma cannon on top of his starfighter, Kordi and Rowan opined that he had gone too far. Though Zander managed to destroy several Imperial starfighters, Kordi and Rowan's concerns were proven right when his magma cannon malfunctioned, destroying the Blazemaker. Fortunately, Zander survived the explosion.[21]

Rescuing Lando and Chewbacca[]

Later, Kordi and her brothers visited Admiral Ackbar to reassure him they had experienced few accidents. The Freemakers learned that Admiral Ackbar was upset that two of his best rebel agents Lando Calrissian and Chewbacca were trapped behind an Imperial blockade. Without a fuel intermixer, they were stranded. Kordi and her siblings volunteered to rescue the rebel agents. They then traveled on the StarScavenger to the planet where Lando and Chewbacca, were stranded. The planet was blockaded by an Imperial Gozanti-class cruiser.[22]

As part of the plan, the Freemakers allowed their ship to be boarded by the Imperial cruiser, which was commanded by Durpin and Plumestriker. Kordi and her siblings feigned symptoms of Gamorrean flu. Durpin was convinced but Plumestriker saw through their ruse and ordered his men to lock them in the brig and to confiscate their cargo. However, this has been part of the Freemakers' plan all along. Rowan used the Force to summon Roger out of the cargo box and reassemble him. Roger then knocked out the guards and freed the Freemakers from their cell.[22]

Kordi then sent Roger and Zander to start up the StarScavenger. She was present when Rowan used his lightsaber to cut a hole in the cruiser's panel and steal a fuel intermixer. After detaching from the Imperial cruiser, the Freemakers rendezvoused with Lando and Chewbacca on the planet. After fixing the fuel intermixer to the Millennium Falcon, they returned to Home One. There, Lando thanked the Freemakers for helping him again. The Freemakers expressed gratitude to their rebel benefactors. However, Roger informed them that he had left his leg aboard the Imperial cruiser.[22]

Mission to Tibalt[]

Kordi and her siblings serviced Lieutenant Valeria's A-wing. Shortly later, the Alliance Fleet was attacked by two Imperial Star Destroyers and their TIE fighters. Kordi helped the rebels to prepare their starfighters for battle and even installed targeting lasers in a squadron of B-wings. The Alliance fleet managed to escape into hyperspace after the B-wings blasted through the Imperial TIE formation. Following the battle, Kordi comforted Rowan, who was unhappy that he had not been able to help.[23]

Due to a shortage of spareparts, Kordi proposed going on a salvage run the planet Tibalt, which had been the site of a recent battle. At the request of General Hera Syndulla, the Freemakers included the Mon Calamari rebel ship builder Quarrie in their mission. During the journey, Kordi approved of Quarrie's modifications to the ship's stabilizer. After landing on Tibalt, Kordi helped guide Zander as he used the Mini Scavenger to lift a wrecked A-wing. Shortly later, Rowan was kidnapped by the Imperial Hunter droid M-OC, who had been sent by the Emperor to capture Rowan.[23]

The Freemakers and Quarrie gave chase in the StarScavenger. Kordi opened the front scoop after Rowan escaped from M-OC's starship Tracker I. Kordi and Zander also informed Quarrie that Rowan was a Jedi. M-OC however refused to give up the chase and managed to knock out one of the StarScavenger's engines, causing the starship to crash. While Rowan fought with M-OC, Zander and Quarrie used their mechanical expertise to ram a wrecked ship into M-OC and the Tracker I. Before M-OC could recover, they fled offworld.[23]

During the journey back to Home One, Kordi asked Rowan what was the "thing" he had encountered. Rowan replied that M-OC had been sent by the Emperor to capture him. Back at the Home One, Kordi and Zander were present when Quarrie recruited Rowan as his shipbuilding apprentice. Later that night, Kordi was sleeping with her siblings when Rowan experienced a Force vision of himself building a powerful starship called the Arrowhead.[23]

Rowan's errant mission[]

Later, Kordi gave a presentation on energy efficiency to the rebel crew and officers aboard the Home One. She announced that turning off the lights had given them enough power to charge up the ship's astromech droids. Before Kordi could finish, her younger brother Rowan interrupted to ask for permission to travel to Alistan Nor. Being preoccupied, Kordi told Rowan to ask their older brother Zander. She then resumed her presentation and advised the rebels to take five minute showers, much to Admiral Ackbar's annoyance.[24]

After finishing her presentation, Kordi met up with Zander only to discover that their younger brother Rowan had borrowed the StarScavenger and departed for Alistan Nor. With the Rebel Alliance unable to spare any ships, the Freemakers proceeded to build their own ship out of spareparts. Kordi and Zander managed to finish building the ship. However, Rowan then returned with Quarrie and Roger aboard the StarScavenger and accidentally demolished their new ship. When Kordi confronted Rowan about his absence, Rowan mentioned his duel with M-OC.[24]

Kordi and Zander then reprimanded Rowan for "borrowing" the StarScavenger without their permission. While apologetic, Rowan pointed out that they had given him misleading instructions. Kordi and Zander accepted their mistake and the three siblings reconciled. Kordi then joined Rowan and Zander at Quarrie's garage where Rowan created a model of the Arrowhead. When Kordi and Zander remarked that it would be difficult to obtain the spareparts needed to build the ship, Rowan countered that saving the galaxy would not be easy.[24]

Undercover on Mygeeto[]

After learning that Rowan and Quarrie needed an embersteel blade for the Arrowhead, Kordi proposed that the Freemakers obtain a Theta-class H-2 executive star shuttle from an Imperial auction on Mygeeto. The Theta-class shuttle was equipped with embersteel wings. Kordi managed to convince Admiral Ackbar and the Alliance leadership to loan her and her brothers 75,000 Credits to obtain the shuttle. For the mission, Kordi disguised herself as the Clawdite princess Alo Kortessi while her brothers disguised themselves as her entourage.[25]

User a mixture of persuasion and intimidation, Kordi and her brothers managed to gain access to the Mygeeto Auction House. However, Kordi's plan encountered a roadblock when the Cerean auctioneer informed her that it was customary for the nobles to delegate the work of bidding to their servants. While Zander and Kordi entered the auction hall, Kordi made her way to the luxury terrace. In the luxury terrace, Kordi tried to avoid the attention of Ignacio Wortan and Wick Cooper. Kordi encountered Graballa, who was attempting to find investors for his beachside resort and buffet.[25]

Believing that Kordi was Princess Kortessi, Graballa tried to convince the Clawdite royal family to invest in his beachside resort. Kordi managed to escape Graballa's attention by taking leave to use the refresher. Kordi was furious and dismayed when Zander impulsively bidded for an Eta-2 Actis-class light interceptor, mistakenly believing it to be worth 65 credits. Kordi scolded Zander for wasting their funds. After regaining her composure, Kordi and her brothers ventured towards the local spaceport where Graballa's ship Rancor's Fist was berthed. One of Graballa's minions Raam had accidentally bidded for the Theta-class shuttle. Kordi hoped to exchange the light interceptor for the shuttle.[25]

However, Graballa decided to kidnap "Princess Kortess" in order to extort a ransom from the Clawdite royal family. Once in space, Graballa tried to contact the Clawdite royal family on their HoloNet line but was impeded by their answering machine. Kordi was bound in chains and hoisted in the living room by Baash. After Dengar departed to lead Graballa's starfighters to deal with Rowan and Zander, Kordi offered to give Graballa advice on how to run his business more efficiently. She managed to convince Graballa to install energy efficient light emitters, turn down the thermostat, and to reduce the size of his entourage. "Kortessi" claimed that doing so would enable Graballa to generate enough capital to build his resort in 50 standard years.[25]

As the two entered the hangar bay, Kordi managed to convince Graballa to hire her as his business adviser in return for giving her the Theta-class shuttle. Rowan and Zander soon arrived in the StarScavenger and Jedi light interceptor to rescue their sister. While Graballa was taken by surprise, Kordi managed to chain the Hutt. Before the Freemakers could escape, Dengar crashed his starfighter into the Jedi interceptor. Following a brief struggle, the Freemakers managed to escape Graballa and return to the Home One. Kordi flew the Theta-class shuttle to make sure that the ship got back to the Rebellion safely.[25]

Back at the Home One, Kordi helped Rowan and Quarrie to weld the embersteel blade into place. Kordi instructed Zander to fit the frontal cannons onto the Arrowhead. She reconciled with Zander but was annoyed when he joked that her plan had not been very airtight.[25]

Rescuing Bren Derlin[]

Later, Kordi and Zander were assigned by Admiral Ackbar to rescue Major Bren Derlin, who was floating in an escape pod in an asteroid field near Taul. Kordi and her brothers departed on their starship StarScavenger. During the journey, her younger brother Rowan suggested that they take a detour to Takodana to seek information from Maz Kanata about a Corellian Defender; the only starship whose proton suspension housing was big enough to contain a giant kyber crystal. While Kordi did not want to get sidetracked from their mission, Rowan managed to convince Zander to take a detour.[26]

At Takodana Castle, Kordi and her brothers encountered the Weequay pirate Hondo Ohnaka. While the Freemakers still distrusted Hondo for exploiting them during their previous encounter, Hondo managed to convince the Freemakers that he could help them locate a Corellian Defender on the planet Taul in return for safe passage offworld. Hondo had cheated the bounty hunter Awan Zek in a game of sabacc. Following a brief confrontation with Awan and his Rodian associates, the Freemakers managed to escape offworld on the StarScavenger. However, Awan and his associates recognized Rowan and alerted the Empire, who dispatched the hunter droid M-OC.[26]

While Rowan and Zander were enamored with Hondo, Kordi still distrusted the pirate. Upon entering Taul's atmosphere, the StarScavenger's hull was hit by acid rain. Kordi activated the deflector shield and joined Zander in chiding Hondo for not warning them. Despite Hondo's assurances, the Freemakers soon discovered that Taul was a dangerous world with acidic rain and lakes, thunderstorms, and falling debris. While traveling through Taul's dangerous terrain, Kordi was contacted by Bren Derlin, who was enjoying his Imperial rations. Kordi reassured him they were on their way and claimed they were braving through space acid and interstellar lightning.[26]

Kordi and her brothers eventually reached the wreck of the Corellian Defender. After Rowan was unable to use the Force to levitate the wrecked starship out of the lake, Kordi suggested that they use the Mini Scavenger to enter the ship. While Zander operated the craft and Rowan descended into the wrecked Defender with a crane to retrieve the proton suspension housing, Kordi supervised the operation. After retrieving the proton suspension housing, the Freemakers headed back to their ship. However, they discovered that Hondo had stolen the StarScavenger and abandoned them.[26]

Shortly later, M-OC arrived in the Tracker I and ordered Rowan to surrender. When M-OC was struck down by a rock, the Freemakers took the opportunity to flee. However, M-OC regenerated his metallic body and continued the pursuit. While fleeing M-OC, Kordi was contacted by Major Derlin, who told her that his life support systems were failing. Kordi promised they were on their way. The Freemakers managed to flee across an acid lake. M-OC activated his rocket boosters but Rowan used his lightsaber to knock him into the leg. After M-OC sprouted spidery legs, Rowan hurled a metal pole which was struck by lightning. M-OC was electrocuted.[26]

When Major Derlin contacted Kordi to inform them that he was under attack from TIE fighters, Kordi was about to apologize when Roger arrived in the StarScavenger; having bested Hondo. The Freemakers then rescued Major Derlin from his escape pod. Kordi then contacted Admiral Ackbar to inform him that their mission was a success. Before heading back to the Home One, Rowan and Roger returned Hondo in the sealed crate to Awan Zek and his associates on Takodana.[26]

Return to the Wheel[]

With Rowan seeking an energy matrix activator for the Arrowhead, Kordi accompanied her siblings to their former home, the Freemaker garage. Zander had recalled that the Freemaker garage had one. Taking charge of the mission, Kordi tasked Roger with hacking into the guidance systems in order to guide them while she and her brothers used a turbolift and ventilation shafts to reach their former home.[27]

The Freemakers were dismayed to find that Wick Cooper had transformed their former home into a cantina called "Wick Cooper's Caffeine and Kitsch Club." To avoid drawing attention, the Freemakers decided to infiltrate their former home at night. They made arrangements with Roger to hack into the door security systems and deactivate the alarm. However, Roger was accosted by several Ranat thieves and unable to stop the alarm.[27]

When their former landlord Furlac confronted them, Kordi managed to convince him that they were repair workers from "Midnight Cafeteria Services." Furlac however recognized the Freemakers and secretly contacted Graballa, who wanted to collect an Imperial bounty on Rowan. Graballa and his bounty hunters Dengar, Zuckuss, 4-LOM, Bossk, and IG-88 captured the Freemakers and imprisoned them in a suspension field.[27]

Though Rowan was unable to use his mind tricks on the bounty hunters, Kordi managed to divide the bounty hunters by pitting the droids against their organic counterparts. While the bounty hunters fought, the Freemakers took the opportunity to escape on a speeder bike. After losing the bounty hunters during a chase in the marketplace, Rowan convinced Kordi and Zander to don stolen stormtrooper armor in order to infiltrate their garage.[27]

The Freemakers managed to steal the energy matrix activator while a humiliated Graballa was pacifying a displeased Lord Vader. The Freemakers took a turbolift back to the Lower Ring. However, Vader commandeered the lift and took them up to the Upper Ring. Fortunately for the Freemakers, Roger managed to escape the Ranats and activated a trapdoor, which brought the Freemakers back to the Lower Ring.[27]

Kordi and her siblings escaped the Wheel with the energy matrix activator. Returning to the Rebellion, Kordi informed Admiral Ackbar of their mission's success and their run-in with Darth Vader.[27]

Mission to Qalydon[]

Searching for a kyber crystal for the Arrowhead, Kordi traveled with the Lothal astromech droid BG-81 to an Imperial Star Destroyer where they stole a list of worlds with kyber crystals. Kordi replaced the list with what she thought was a fake rebel plan. After departing with BG-81, Kordi was angry when she learnt that Roger had botched the mission by providing an Ugnaught bean casserole recipe. Though Roger thought that the Empire would not track them down, M-OC learned about their presence through Roger's bean casserole recipe.[28]

At the recommendation of Rowan, the Freemakers traveled to the planet Qalydon, which they believed had kyber crystals. The Freemakers encountered a Lurmen village, who were initially hostile to the Freemakers since they thought that they were working with the Empire. However, Kordi managed to convince the natives that they were not Imperials. Later that night, the Freemakers socialized with the Lurmen villagers including Chief Biz and his wife Elan. Since the natives were unwilling to give up their kyber crystal necklaces which they used to connect with the Force, Kordi and Zander asked for information on where they could find other crystals. However, Biz revealed that the crystal necklaces were the only crystals that they had.[28]

Later, the village were attacked by Imperial forces under Durpin and Plumestriker, who robbed the villager of their kyber crystal necklaces for the Empire's second Death Star. Kordi, Zander, and Roger were captured. However, Rowan managed to sneak back into the StarScavenger with Biz's daughter Maynar and used the ship's firepower to drive the Imperials away. The Imperials managed to flee on their Gozanti-class cruiser but Rowan damaged its rear stabilizer and hyperdrive, causing it crash into the mountains.[28]

Seeking to help the locals, Kordi, Rowan and Zander traveled to the mountains in a stolen tub to recover the kyber crystal necklaces. Kordi and Zander posed as Imperial technicians and interacted with Durpin and Plumestriker. Kordi pretended to supervise Zander while Rowan infiltrated the Gozanti-class cruiser and recovered the kyber crystals. The mission was complicated by Maynar accompanying them and M-OC tracking them down. When Maynar fled with the crystals, Durpin and Plumestriker gave chase. Kordi and Zander managed to subdue the Imperials long enough for Maynar to climb over a gorge.[28]

Rowan managed to temporarily subdue M-OC but Durpin and Pumestriker manage to steal back the kyber crystals. Though Maynar and the Freemakers were despondent, Roger soon arrived with the StarScavenger. Roger used the Force to track the Imperials down to the Marriten system where they disabled the cruiser's rear engine. After recovering the crystals, the Freemakers returned Maynar and the crystals to her family. Since Rowan decided not to take the villagers' crystals, Kordi and her siblings decided to continue searching for a proper crystal.[28]

Mission to the crystal planet[]

After departing Qalydon, Kordi and Zander tried to keep things quiet so that Rowan could use the Force to home in on the location of a planet rich with kyber crystals. Rowan was unable to focus when it was too quiet. Roger raised the noise with music but Rowan was still unable to focus. However, Rowan was able to focus as a result of tension in the cockpit and sensed a planet that was located twelve parsecs away from Terminus. The Freemakers were soon pursued by the Imperial hunter droid M-OC but managed to flee to the planet via hyperspace.[29]

Exiting hyperspace, the Freemakers crash-landed on the "crystal" planet, which was covered in crystals. Since the StarScavenger was damaged during the crash-landing, Zander and Roger stayed behind to repair the ship while Kordi and Rowan searched for kyber crystals. The siblings entered a cave which led to an underground temple. Due to the lack of stairs, the pair were unable to proceed until Rowan figured out how to use the Force to raise the floor to the next chamber.[29]

The two then reached a chamber with a hole in the ceiling. Rowan tried to build a set of stairs but they proved insecure and unable to reach the top. After finding a second inscription, Rowan used the Force to create a makeshift platform that brought Kordi and him to a summit. At the summit, Kordi and Rowan saw a pinnacle at the top. While Kordi waited, Rowan used the Force to levitate three stony treads in order to reach the pinnacle, where he believed the crystals lay. Instead, Rowan encountered a holocron of Jedi Master Baird Kantoo telling him that the crystals he needed were in the pit below.[29]

Returning to the summit, Rowan told Kordi that he needed to create the giant kyber crystal himself but feared that it would cause destruction if placed in the wrong hands. Kordi counselled her younger brother not to give up hope since the Emperor would devastate the galaxy if he did nothing. Rowan heeded Kordi's advice and forged a giant kyber crystals. Rowan and Kordi then returned with the kyber crystal and the StarScavenger's stabilizer fin. After completing repairs and picking up Roger, they returned to the Alliance fleet.[29]

Birth of the Arrowhead[]

Having obtained the kyber crystal, the Freemakers returned to the rebel fleet only to find it under attack from the Empire. The StarScavenger managed to fight its way through the Imperial forces and return to the Home One. However, Kordi was dismayed when Rowan released their salvage into the path of several TIE fighters.[30]

The Freemakers landed back in the Home One in order to finish constructing the Arrowhead. However, Quarrie believed that it was too dangerous to assemble the Arrowhead in the middle of a space battle. Kordi accompanied Zander and Roger aboard the StarScavenger while Rowan traveled with Quarrie and and Lieutenant Valeria aboard the uncompleted Arrowhead.[30]

After escaping the space battle, the Freemakers traveled to the planet Jakku in order to finish building the Arrowhead. However, their plans went awry when the Arrowhead landed in quick sand and exploded. Though the Freemakers and their rebel allies managed to recover most of the parts, the energy matrix activator fell into the hands of the Imperial officers Durpin and Plumestriker, who had been reassigned to Jakku as punishment for their repeated failures.[30]

Zander and Roger attempted to recover the energy matrix activator but were captured by the Imperials. Later that night, Kordi undertook a risky mission to recover the energy matrix activator by posing as Darth Vader. She managed to approach Durpin and Plumestriker but the latter was suspicious and exposed her as an impostor. However, Kordi's true plan was to distract the Imperials while Valeria knocked them out.[30]

The Freemakers and Valeria then fled on the Mini Scavenger back to their landing site, where Rowan and Quarrie were rebuilding the Arrowhead. The rebels were pursued by Durpin and Plumestriker's AT-ST walker. Zander and Valeria managed to distract the Imperials long enough for Rowan and Quarrie to finish assembling the Arrowhead. With Zander and Rowan at the helm, the Arrowhead destroyed the Imperials' AT-ST walker.[30]

With the Arrowhead assembled, the Freemakers and their rebel allies returned to the rebel fleet. While Zander and Rowan used the Arrowhead to destroy a Star Destroyer and turn the tide of the battle, Kordi used the StarScavenger to collect salvage. Following the battle, the Freemakers were treated as heroes. Kordi was promoted to Ackbar's new quartermaster for her courage, intelligence and frugality. Her brothers Zander and Rowan were promoted to flight cadet and Master Ship Builder.[30]

Joining the Strategy Council[]

Following their promotion, the Freemakers aided Valeria's rebel and Wookiee forces against Imperial forces on Kashyyyk. During a brief skirmish, the Freemakers used the Arrowhead to destroy an AT-ST walker and three AT-AT walkers. The Freemakers then returned back to the Home One where they received another heroes' welcome.[5]

While Zander gained a place in Blue Squadron, General Hera Syndulla and Mon Mothma invited Kordi to join the Rebel Alliance's Strategy Council due to her intuitive battle tactics. During a rebel briefing, Kordi informed the rebel commanders that she had been discovering Imperial repair schedules and discovered that the Empire had sent an entire fleet of Star Destroyers to a repair facility near Alzoc III. She convinced the Rebel leadership to attack the Imperial ships.[5]

Kordi's plan worked and rebel forces including Blue Squadron and Zander's Arrowhead destroyed several Star Destroyers in a successful raid. After Zander returned, the two siblings embraced each other. Before they could shared their victories, they discovered that Rowan and the StarScavenger was missing. Shortly later, Roger returned on the StarScavenger and informed them that Rowan had been captured by Darth Vader.[5]

Rescuing Rowan[]

Following Rowan's capture, Kordi and Zander sought permission from the Alliance High Command to rescue their brother Rowan. Zander requested the Arrowhead. However, the Alliance leaders Admiral Ackbar, Mon Mothma, and General Syndulla refused to lend them the Arrowhead because they were preoccupied with preparations for the attack on the second Death Star. Determined to save her younger brother, Kordi decided to "rebel" against the Rebellion.[31]

Together with Roger, they went to steal the Arrowhead but encountered Lieutenant Valeria. Kordi tried to get Roger to knock out Valeria but she overpowered the droid. Taking pity on the Freemakers, Valeria allowed them to borrow the Arrowhead. Traveling to the Coruscant system, Kordi and Zander used the Arrowhead to destroy three Imperial Star Destroyers and several TIE fighters.[31]

Roger then dropped Kordi and Zander off at the top spire of the Imperial Palace. Posing as Royal Guards, Kordi and Zander managed to rescue Rowan, who was upset that he had revealed the location of Baird Kantoo's crystal planet. They attempted to rendezvous with Roger and the Arrowhead. However, M-OC, who had repaired himself, hijacked the Arrowhead and attacked the Freemakers.[31]

The Freemakers and Roger fell onto the battlements but Rowan managed to use the Force to cushion their blow. After repairing Roger, the Freemakers fled aboard an Ugly that Rowan had built. They were pursued by M-OC, aboard the Arrowhead, who was determined to finish them once and for all.[31]

Skirmish on Shantipole[]

Flying the Arrowhead, M-OC caught up with the Freemakers. Rebuffing their attempts at surrender, the hunter droid proceeded to destroy their "Ugly." However, the Freemakers were rescued by Quarrie, who was flying the StarScavenger. The Freemakers and Quarrie managed to flee into hyperspace but M-OC was able to track them using an XX-23 S-thread tracker.[32]

At the advice of Quarrie, the Freemakers fled to the stormy planet of Shantipole, where Quarrie had a base. Despite the stormy conditions, the Freemakers managed to land the StarScavenger at Quarrie's base. Since the StarScavenger's communications array had been damaged and Quarrie lacked the necessary replacement equipment, the Freemakers realized that they would have to brave the lurking M-OC in order to warn the Rebellion that the Empire had an operational second Death Star.[32]

Rowan then convinced the Freemakers to take advantage of M-OC's obsession in order to lure him into a trap. Working with Quarrie, the Freemakers attached a tractor beam projector to the StarScavenger. They then baited M-OC and used the tractor beam to drag the Arrowhead into Shantipole's atmosphere. Both ships were hit by lightning. After losing the tractor beam, Roger used the Mini Scavenger to land Rowan on the Arrowhead.[32]

Rowan managed to retrieve the Arrowhead's giant kyber crystal and escape with Roger on the Mini Scavenger. Kordi, Quarrie, and Zander bailed out of the StarScavenger before Zander sent it on a collison course with the Arrowhead. Though both starships were destroyed, M-OC survived and confronted the Freemakers. Rowan managed to convince M-OC to end his hunt by claiming that his programming was flawed. However, M-OC realized that the Emperor's plan to destroy the Rebellion with the second Death Star was flawed and left to safeguard the battle station.[32]

Battle of Endor[]

Following the events on Shantipole, Kordi was upset that M-OC had taken the Arrowhead's kyber crystal to protect the second Death Star. Kordi did not appreciate Roger's attempts to cheer them up. She and the others watched with awe as Rowan used his Force Building powers to rebuild the StarScavenger, using parts from the Arrowhead. With the help of Zander's piloting skills, the Freemakers were able to escape Shantipole's stormy atmosphere.[33]

The Freemakers traveled to Sullust where the rebel fleet was massing only to discover that it had already left for the Battle of Endor. Kordi tried to warn Lieutenant Valeria that the rebels were facing a fully operation second Death Star but her message was garbled by static. Kordi realized that they needed something to even the odds. Fortunately, her younger brother Rowan discovered that the Kyber Saber had survived the lava lakes of Sullust.[33]

Traveling to the Endor system, the Freemakers used the StarScavenger's new Embersteel Blade to breach the second Death Star's shields. They landed in hangar and fought with stormtroopers. However, they were captured after Rowan was knocked out. The Freemakers and Quarrie were imprisoned in detention cell but were freed by Zander's love interest Becky Smoochenbacher, who defected to the Rebellion.[33]

Reaching a command center, the Freemakers learned that the rebels had destroyed the Death Star's shield generator. When Rowan pointed out that M-OC was still guard the second Death Star's reactor core, Kordi wanted to help. Unwilling to endanger his family, Rowan used the Force to shove them and Quarrie into a turbolift.[33]

Kordi and her comrades attempted to return to the StarScavenger but were pursued by stormtroopers. When they tried to pursue them across the bridge, Kordi threatened to touch the control panel. The stormtroopers thought she was bluffing but Kordi deactivated the bridge, sending them into the depths of the second Death Star. After boarding the StarScavenger, the Freemakers and Quarrie rescued Rowan, who defeated M-OC once and for all.[33]

Following the Battle of Endor, the Freemakers attended the rebel celebrations at Bright Tree Village with Roger, Quarrie and Valeria. When Rowan asked where they would go, Zander said he did not know. Kordi responded that the galaxy would need a lot of rebuilding, a sentiment shared by Roger. Kordi then introduced her brother Rowan to Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker, another Force user.[33]

Serving the New Republic[]

Kordi as a New Republic senator

Sometime following the New Republic's victory over the Galactic Empire at the Battle of Jakku, Kordi would go on to serve as a Senator in the New Republic Senate.[3]

Personality and traits[]

"No touching the senator."
"No touching my niece, you nerfherder!"
―A New Republic Senate guard and Kordi arguing about Moxie Freemaker[3]

Kordi was a tomboy who was known to be quick-witted, brave and a tough fighter. She was able to talk her way out of most problems. Kordi often found herself bailing her brothers Zander and Rowan out of trouble.[2] Kordi was annoyed with Zander for his poor impulse control, particularly when he took an antique N-1 starfighter out for a joyride.[8] Kordi also initially disagreed with Rowan embarking on a quest to find the Kyber Saber crystals.[7] However, she came round once she realized the importance of the weapon.[14] Despite their disagreements, Kordi had a deep love for her two brothers and constantly looked out for them.[10] While she and her brothers had a respectful relationship with their battle droid butler Roger, they were sometimes annoyed by his clumsiness and bluntness. Despite these defects, the Freemakers regarded Roger as an integral member of their family.[15]

Kordi was the manager of Freemaker Salvage and Repair, the family's starship repair and salvage business. She was responsible for managing the Freemakers' finances and living expenses.[10] Due to the Freemakers' propensity for landing themselves in trouble, Kordi struggled to pay the Freemakers' rent to their landlord Furlac; who was unhappy with the tardiness of their payments.[11] Kordi also had an eye for potential business opportunities. On one occasion, her family's financial straits led her to embark on a dangerous mission to obtain a piece of wroshyr wood on Kashyyyk. Despite obtaining the wood, Kordi's dreams of resolving the Freemakers' financial foes were thwarted when she used the wooden piece to knock out two Imperial officers.[15]

Kordi also had an uneasy relationship with Wick Cooper, an arrogant customer who patronized the Freemakers in order to save costs. She tolerated Cooper's condescension since he was an important source of income for her family. However, she learned to stand up to him after Leia took Cooper to task for a joke he had made about Alderaan.[11] From the start, Kordi was wary of Naare and thought that the Jedi was filling Rowan's head with nonsense. Kordi briefly respected Naare after she used her Force powers to save them from the Hutt crime lord Graballa.[7] Kordi and her family turned against Naare after discovering that she was a Sith agent seeking to recover the Kyber Saber for the Emperor.[13]

While Kordi liked to talk her way out of trouble,[13] she was not above using force to defend herself. When her brothers were being cornered by the Imperial officers Durpin and Plumestriker, she used a piece of wroshyr-wood to knock them out.[15] Later, she tied up two Imperial stormtroopers during a mission to infiltrate the Imperial Palace on Coruscant.[4] While Naare was often serious and disciplined, she did display some moments of fun and light-heartedness. On one occasion, she devoured an entire tray of appetizers in the Wheel's Upper Ring.[11] Later, Kordi donned the late Queen Amidala's royal gown.[14]

Kordi was resourceful and good at coming up with ideas for the Freemakers. She managed to use her bartering skills to obtain a Type A vector coil for the Rebellion.[18] Kordi was also good at encouraging her family including Roger and Zander when they were down.[19][21] However, she was also known to panic and fret at times when things went out of control. Fortunately, she could rely on her family to help her out.[20] Kordi was also familiar with Gamorrean flu and came up with a plan to fool the Imperials into thinking they were sick.[22]

Kordi and her siblings found respect as mechanics working for the Alliance Fleet. She shared the Mon Calamari shipbuilder Quarrie's interest in ships and maintenance. Kordi and Quarrie also used their mechanical skills to ram a starship into the hunter droid M-OC during a confrontation on Tibalt. As a good big sister, she also comforted her younger brother Rowan when he felt down after his services were not needed.[23]

Kordi was a skilled planner who devised a careful plan to obtain a Theta-class H-2 executive star shuttle so that they could forge embersteel blades for the Arrowhead. Kordi was also able to use her acting and rhetorical skills to pose as Princess Alo Kortessi and bully a pair of stormtrooper sentries into giving her and her brothers entry into the Mygeeto Auction House. Despite her careful planning, Kordi's plan was sabotaged by Zander's impulsiveness. Despite being kidnapped by Graballa, Kordi managed to use her persuasive skills to convince Graballa to hire her as his business adviser. She then took the opportunity to escape with her brothers.[25]

Kordi was also more task-oriented than her brothers and refused to be side-tracked from their mission to rescue Major Bren Derlin. Kordi also distrusted Hondo Ohnaka, regarding him as a slippery and untrustworthy character.[26] Kordi was also a cunning manipulator and managed to drive a wedge between several droid and organic bounty hunters, allowing her and her siblings to escape their captors.[27]

Kordi was also an encouraging older sister to Rowan. When Rowan feared that forging a giant kyber crystal would create a destructive weapon, she counselled him that doing noting would allow Emperor Palpatine to wreak havoc and destruction over the galaxy.[29]

Kordi chose loyalty to her family over her loyalty to the Rebellion. This led her to defy the Alliance leadership by stealing the Arrowhead in order to rescue her younger brother Rowan.[31]

Following the Skirmish on Shantipole, Kordi, who was normally calm, panicked about warning the rebels that they were facing a fully operational Death Star. Her love for her younger brother Rowan led her to volunteer to accompany him during his final duel with M-OC; an offer Rowan declined. Kordi later turned the tables of several pursuing stormtroopers by collapsing the bridge they were standing upon. Kordi believed that the Freemakers could play a role in rebuilding the galaxy after the Battle of Endor.[33]

Thirty years after the battle of Endor, unlike most older people, especially senators, Kordi was no less spirited and tough, pushing away one of her guards when he physically tried to prevent her niece Moxie from hugging her. She also has become slightly more empathetic than she was as a teenager, as she understood Moxie's yearning to be a hero like her and Moxie's father and uncle, so she came to the Wheel all the way from Hosnian Prime so Leia Organa could recruit Moxie into the Resistance, being one of few senators who even supported the organization.[3]

Skills and abilities[]

As the manager of the Freemaker Garage, Kordi had some management and administrative skills.[8] While Kordi was primarily a talker, she was also capable of fighting.[4] She also spoke with a clear voice and made a good salesperson.[7] Kordi was also a good negotiator and managed to barter her way to obtaining a Type A vector coil.[18] She later managed to convince the Lurmen villagers on Qalydon that she and her family did not pose a threat to them.[28]

Kordi and Quarrie once used their mechanical skills to ram a wrecked starship into the hunter droid M-OC and his starship Tracker I.[23] Kordi was able to use her persuasive skills to get herself and her brothers out of trouble. She also knew how to weld metal. She also possessed incredibly gifted intelligence, which contributed to her ability as a saleswoman, made her a capable tactician, and even made her immune to the Jedi mind trick, her only reaction to the latter being offense that Naare thought she was that stupid.[25]

Kordi was able to impersonate Darth Vader by donning a bucket and dark clothes. However, her ruse did not fool Plumestriker. Due to her courage, intelligence, and frugality, Kordi was promoted to serve as Admiral Ackbar's new quartermaster following the Quest to build the Arrowhead.[30]

Kordi won praise from rebel leaders like Mon Mothma, General Hera Syndulla, and Admiral Ackbar for her battle intuition and attention to detail. While studying Imperial repair schedules, Kordi discovered that the Empire had overbooked a repair facility near Alzoc III for a fleet of Star Destroyers. As a result, the Rebellion launched a successful and devastating raid on Imperial forces.[5]

Behind the scenes[]

Blue Glass Arrow.svg See also: Kordi Freemaker

Kordi Freemaker first appeared and served as one of the four protagonists of the non-Canon Disney XD television series LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures, which ran from 2016 to 2017. She was voiced by Vanessa Lengies.[2]



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