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"If you loved living people half as much as you love dead things, you'd probably be the best dad in the world."
―Chelli Aphra, to her father[src]

Korin Aphra was a human male who lived during the Age of the Empire.[1] He was the father of Chelli Lona Aphra, his daughter born in 24 BBY[4] with his wife Lona Aphra. During the Clone Wars, Chelli and her mother moved away to Arbiflux, where her mother was killed.[2] He was a dedicated scholar.[5]


Early lifeEdit

Korin was intensely interested in the Jedi, especially the Ordu Aspectu. He wrote a report on Oo'ob and the creation of the Farkiller weapon.[6] He was studying on Second Moon of Thrinittik when his obsession with researching the Jedi caused him to neglect Chelli and her mother. Lona got frustrated and left him, taking Chelli with her.[7] He later came home to find Chelli had returned after her mother's death and was setting fire to his research material.[3] Chelli warned him that a psychologist had determined that she might have some mental issues.[3]

Search for the Ordu AspectuEdit

Aphra father reunion

Korin informs Chelli that her degree is invald.

Finding out his daughter's doctorate degree was illegitimate, he leaked enough information that it was suspended and met her on Archaeo-Prime when she tried to sell a recovered artifact and learned she was no longer accredited.[1] He explained he did it so she would assist him in finding the Citadel of Rur. He returned to the Ark Angel II where he was threatened by Chelli. Before he could be hurt, she changed her mind and asked him why she should help him. He explained he had new data and told his theory of what the Ordu Aspectu was. He believed that their quest for immortality had worked and if he was able to find the Citadel it would lead to an awakening of the Force in the galaxy. Chelli speculated that he could be wrong and the Ordu Aspectu prophecy might just be a mistranslation. He convinced her, explaining if the Ordu Aspectu wasn't a positive thing it was possible that there might be an ancient weapon in the Citadel that she could profit from. He guided her to the place where he could get the readings he needed, but refused to give her any more information due to his lack of trust in her. He didn't realize that the location, Yavin 4, was under Imperial control due to Rebel activity on the moon.[3]

The group landed on Yavin 4 and observed several platoons of Imperial forces. While Chelli tried to figure out how to get into the temple, her father asked about current affairs. She explained the Battle of Yavin and the destruction of the Death Star. Korin confessed that he thought it was all rumors and fictional stories. Chelli became irate that he was so out of touch. She sent Black Krrsantan to create a distraction to draw the troops away from the Massassi Temple so her father could get in to get his readings. He expressed concern about the Wookiee, but Chelli assured him he would be fine. Once 0-0-0 and BT-1 entered the temple and opened the ventilation hatches, Korin and Chelli snuck in. While climbing down a rope, he dropped a Massassi piece that he was carrying. Chelli caught it and he explained he had been planning on finding the Ordu Apectu for a long time. While making their way to the part of the Temple where Korin could get the data he needed, he expressed concern that the Rebels would locate their headquarters in a site of historical importance. When they reached a room just below the summit, he instructed Chelli to place the crystals into the matching slots so he could get the location of the Citadel. After inserting all the crystals, Korin was disappointed when nothing appeared to happen, and Chelli started to berate him for wasting his life on a wild goose chase. BT-1 drew their attention to the sky outside where beams of light were emanating from all the structures in the complex.[8]

Korin proceeded to get the readings he needed to locate the Citadel, and left with the rest of the crew. Before they could exit the building, they ran into a group of Stormtroopers and had to flee which prevented Korin from picking up the crystal artifacts he had used to activate the beacon. He was able to board the Ark Angel II and pulled Chelli aboard as they fled under Imperial fire. He suggested to his daughter that if she had stayed away from fieldwork, she'd probably be tenured at a university. Once in space, he provided the coordinates to find the Citadel. When they arrived at the point in space, he was awed by the appearance of the Citadel.

Arrival on the Rur Citadel

Arrival at the Rur Citadel

The ship landed and Korin walked to the entrance of the facilty, finding the ancient skeletons of Jedi.[9] While he was examining the remains, Chelli started to loot them. He was shocked, but she explained that she had debts to pay. The group made their way deeper into the facility, and Korin was able to turn on the generator using most of his remaining Ordu crystals. They entered the center of the Citadel, and started to look for the computer core. Before they could find it, they were attacked by snowtroopers led by Magna Tolvan. Chelli and Korin took cover behind an elevator that led to the core, after crossing a force bridge.[10] Chelli shot out the controls for the bridge, and she and her father ascended to the computer core where they found the corpse of Rur. Korin attempted to reboot the Citadel's computer, but was missing a crystal which prevented it from operating. Disappointed, he explained that his interest in the Ordu was an attempt to bring light back into the galaxy. He recognized that he wasn't a warrior but hoped that by restoring the Ordu he could make the galaxy a safe place for Chelli to grow up. Korin told his daughter that her mother wanted to find a place in the middle of nowhere and live their lives, and disagreed with Korin's plan to find and restore the Ordu. He realized that while both of them were trying to do the best for Chelli, they ended up being terrible parents. He then explained that the Sava had informed him of Chelli's deception in completing her doctorate and started to explain how she could get her credentials back. She stopped him and gave him a crystal she had found on the corpse of Rur. Chelli warned him that restarting the computer would give him access to the Ordu Aspectu's data, but it might be dangerous. Korin inserted the crystal and restarted the computer, which caused Eternal Rur to reactive and question the two humans about the current date.[10]

Aphras father stabs Tolvan

Korin defends his daughter.

Once Eternal Rur explained his situation and gave a calendar he was familiar with, Korin was able to figure out that he had been deactivated for a thousand years. Enraged, Eternal Rur had one of his droid attack Korin, injuring his leg. He and Chelli retreated down the elevator from the computer core, although they were still trapped due to not having any crystals to activate the Force bridge. Korin suggest Chelli return to the computer core and destroy the console and take the crystal from there. He warned her that it would likely destroy the station and expressed sadness that it would likely eliminate the last vestiges of the Ordu. After Chelli wrecked the console, she moved her dad onto Tolvan's ship and escaped the explosion of the citadel. The Imperial pulled her blaster on Chelli, but was incapacitated when Korin stabbed her in the shoulder with a lightsaber. Korin and his daughter dropped Tolvan off on a remote planet. He commented that Chelli had bad taste in women. They then went to find somewhere to securely store the Rur crystal. Korin delivered it to Quarantine World III. On their way to get rid of the stolen Imperial shuttle, he talked to Chelli about not looking to the past for deliverance. He agreed to sort out her doctorate suspension.[11]



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