"If you loved living people half as much as you love dead things, you'd probably be the best dad in the world."
―Chelli Aphra, to her father[src]

Korin Aphra[4] was a human male who lived during the Age of the Empire.[1] He was the father of Chelli Lona Aphra, his daughter born in 24 BBY[5] with his wife Lona Aphra. At some point after Chelli's father split with his wife, their home was attacked by raiders. During the Clone Wars, Chelli and her mother moved away to a different world, where her mother was killed.[2] He was a dedicated scholar.[6]


In 24 BBY[5], Korin and his wife Lona Aphra had a daughter, Chelli Lona Aphra,[7] whom he affectionately called "Boop".[3] During their time on the Second Moon of Thrinittik, he bribed several librarians to acquire Jedi memory crystals before the Galactic Empire could toss them into a compactor. Korin found information on a renegade Jedi, Oo'ob and a hyperjump that could find the Ordu Aspectu's Citadel of Garn. During this time, he was busy with his research and showed little interest in his wife and daughter. When his wife and daughter left for Arbiflux, Korin continued his research and believed they went out for shopping. After Lona was killed,[7] Korin found his daughter at home where there was a fire and Chelli told him that his wife was dead.[3]

Search for the Ordu AspectuEdit

Years later, Korin discovered that his daughter had lied about her discovery of Abersyn symbiotes on Boothi XII.[3] He then found on Chelli on Archaeo-Prime.[1] There, Korin suspended his daughter's doctorate suspended by leaking information to the Archaeological Association's board.[3] in order to help her "spiritual salvation".[1] He asked for his daughter's help in continuing his research into the Ordu Aspectu. Korin was allowed to come with her aboard the Ark Angel II. There, his daughter thought about killing him, but could not do it. At first, Korin was about to be tortured by 0-0-0, but Chelli chose to go along with him on his research. He told Chelli about how a set of cooridnates and the Massassi would allow them to find the Ordu Aspectu. Korin told Chelli and her crew about the Doom of the Ordu Aspectu. He told Chelli to go to Yavin 4 to recover readings from the Great Temple's system. Unfortunately, the Temple was occupied by the Empire.[3]

Korin was surprised to hear about how the Empire used their Death Star to destroy Jedha City and Alderaan. He was also surprised that the temple served as a rebel base. Chelli was surprised that he believed the Empire's stories about Jedha City's so called "mining accident". Korin was surprised to hear that his daughter had worked for Darth Vader. While Black Krrsantan distracted Captain Magna Tolvan's troop's, Korin and Chelli went into the temple's ventilation systems. There, he dropped a Massassi piece and told Chelli it was his life's work. Korin and Chelli were able to find their way into a map room. Using the piece, Korin was able to activate the system.[8]

Korin watched as the temple's systems lit up. Unfortunately, stormtroopers moved in to capture them. Korin grabed the crystals and made his escape with his daughter and her droids. They were stopped by a AT-AT and Captain Tolvan's remaining stormtroopers. They were saved when Krrssantan flew the Ark Angel II and destroyed the AT-AT. [9]

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