Koris Haslam was a Human male and the leader of a commando group serving within the Rebel Alliance. His impressive reputation as a commando was known throughout the Rebellion's military.


Among the missions Haslam participated in was the rescue of Gebnerret Vibrion from the Imperial prison located on Selnesh. The team that he led into the prison consisted of himself, Melenna Seltrayne, Gowan Ch'lessan, Liak, Barsoulentinial Enkhet, and Dr. Aurin Leith. He had misgivings, however, about the inclusion of Dr. Leith, who objected to the possibility of having to kill Vibrion rather than allow him to be interrogated, even suggesting that the team would be better off with a medical droid with modified programming. Despite this, Haslam and his team were able to rescue Vibrion from the Empire, although he was slightly injured in the process during a stormtrooper ambush. During the team's escape from Selnesh, Haslam manned the transport's defensive laser cannons.