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Korl Marcus

Luke Skywalker as Korl Marcus.

Korl Marcus was an alias used by Luke Skywalker during an important mission to the planet Velmor three years after the Battle of Yavin. Luke's disguise included a red wig and mustache, an eye patch and a navy blue beret and flight jacket.

Along with Princess Leia Organa, he sought to return Prince Denid to his position as rightful ruler of Velmor. An Imperial officer stationed on Velmor named Captain Zeta Traal took Korl aside and offered him a reward for murdering the prince. Traal had been conspiring with the royal city's regent, Zelor, to kill Denid and replace him with his brother, Prince Anod. Luke pretended to agree with the offer, but later betrayed Traal and Zelor, thus revealing his disguise. Zelor engaged in a lightsaber duel with Luke pitting his energy sword against Luke's lightsaber. Luke disarmed Zelor, but spared his life. He abandoned his Korl Marcus identity soon after.



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