"For all the bumps and bruises, this hero stuff definitely helps you sleep better at night."
―Korlo Brightwater on Shelkonwa[src]

Korlo Brightwater, call sign TBR 479, was a Human male who served the Galactic Empire as a scout trooper.


Serving as of 0.5 ABY with the call number TBR 479, he was stationed on the Reprisal under Lieutenant Natrom with a partner named Tibren. He would become a member of the Hand of Judgment with Daric LaRone, Taxtro Grave, Saberan Marcross, and Joak Quiller because of Major Dreflin's accidental death. He would also support Mara Jade in the arrest of Governor Choard. He rides on one of the speeder bikes on the Suwantek they commandeered after Major Drelfin's death.

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