Jos: "Y'know what? I think this galaxy would be a whole lot nicer and more pleasant place to live if we could all just stop killing one another. Who's with me on this?"
I-5YQ: "You're a visionary."
Uli: "Float it past Palpatine, see what he thinks."
Jos Vondar, I-5YQ, and Uli Divini share a light moment at Rimsoo Seven amidst the carnage of the Clone Wars[src]

Lieutenant Kornell "Uli" Divini was a Human male surgeon born on Tatooine. His mother was the well known mudopterist Elana Divini.


Commonly called Uli, a Tusken word which means "kid", Divini left his homeworld to study at Coruscant Medical, where he graduated with honors, and then went on to intern at Galactic Polysapient Medical Center on Alderaan. During the Clone Wars, he was drafted and assigned to Rimsoo Seven on Drongar to replace the Zabrak surgeon Zan Yant. There, he roomed with Yant's best friend, Corellian surgeon Jos Vondar and befriended Padawan Barriss Offee, Sullustan reporter Den Dhur, and Lorrdian nurse Tolk le Trene. Uli was described as a prodigy, nineteen standard years old during his time at the RMSU-7 on Drongar, "hardly more than a boy, really; he looked like he was about fourteen standard years old", as one of his colleagues put it. He was also a very good sabacc player, despite (or perhaps in part due to) being very open and guileless. He had feelings for Jedi Barriss Offee, and commented that the news of her death on Felucia had hit him hard, but he did not know whether or not they were love or infatuation.

Despite having had enough of the military after the Clone Wars and wanting to go home after his compulsory service ended, because of an ongoing need for and shortage of military doctors Uli was forced to stay on indefinitely under the Imperial Military Stop Loss Order (IMSLO). He eventually became a captain in the Imperial Surgical Corps. He was transferred to the medical frigate MedStar Four in orbit over the prison planet Despayre, (over which the first Death Star was being constructed). Here he was paired with the secretarial droid C-4ME-O. Shortly after his transfer to MedStar Four, he was transferred again, this time aboard the Death Star to the sector N-One Medcenter. C-4ME-O accompanied him to his new assignment. Uli found this transfer tedious, as his surgical skills were often under used for lack of need while he found himself doing more routine medical procedures like physicals. He was occasionally given a more critical procedure, such as assisting with injuries sustained by construction workers and even routine operations on imperial officers. He was even one of three surgeons who performed surgery on Admiral Daala after she received a head injury from shrapnel when her ship was attacked while approaching the Death Star. Divini was also assigned to take care of Princess Leia Organa's injuries after her interrogation, and she nearly convinced him to leave the Empire during their meeting.

The group of defectors escapes the Death Star destruction.

Uli resented being forced to serve the Empire against his will but he made the most of his time aboard the Death Star. He frequented the Hard Heart Cantina where he connected with others who shared his discontent. He was at one point approached by Sergeant Nova Stihl, who complained of having persistent nightmares. Divini eventually discovered that Stihl was force-sensitive, and later ran into Stihl in the cantina, as well as several others. This group, made up of cantina operator Memah Roothes, her bouncer Rodo, Celot Ratua Dil, architect Teela Kaarz, TIE pilot Villian Dance, and librarian Atour Riten, conspired to escape the Death Star by posing as medics and stealing a medical shuttle. Riten was the primary architect of the plan and it was set in motion just as the Death Star arrived in the Yavin system. Shortly after the battle of Yavin began, however, Uli was arrested; not for treason, but instead for trying to research midi-chlorians, something that he had done weeks before while trying to help Stihl. He soon escaped his guards, when the Death Star was damaged in the battle. The group successfully escaped the Death Star moments before its destruction, though Riten, Stihl, and Rodo were forced to stay behind to ensure the shuttle's successful launch. Though not enthusiastic about the rebellion's effort, not knowing where else to go, and wanting to get back at the Empire for the years of mandatory service they required him to serve, Uli opted to follow his new friends by joining the Alliance.