The Koros Spaceworks interceptor was the primary planetary defense starfighter used on Empress Teta and the worlds under Empress Teta's authority.


The interceptor's 14.2-meter long frame was "oddly-shaped" with a central two-seat cockpit flanked by two pincer-arms for communications equipment and sensors. As an atmospheric fighter, the interceptor had four wings for maneuverability. Two large wings angled down, presumably for lift, and two smaller wings were placed further back on the fuselage and angled up for aerodynamics.

Weapons systems included a nose mounted ion cannon and four wing-tip laser cannons. While heavily armed, the interceptor lacked shielding or hyperdrive capability, although some were modified for use with TransGalMeg hyperdrive booster rings. For atmospheric and sublight space flight, the interceptor's sublight engines peaked at 800 kilometers per hour.


Produced prior to the Great Hyperspace War, the interceptor was designed to withstand long periods of heavy combat due to the near impossibility of reinforcements given the slow hyperdrive speeds of the period. Although it was originally designated in reference to its manufacturer, its widespread use by the martial forces of Empress Teta earned it the name Tetan interceptor.



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