"I remember once, my crèche-mates—P'loh and Zhul—we took one of the scrubbing korsks and put it in the communal food area. It..."
"Ate all the i'fii."
―Tahiri Veila and Nem Yim, as the latter realizes that Veila shares some of her memories[src]

Korsks were creatures used by the sentient Yuuzhan Vong species to scrub. When the Yuuzhan Vong shaper Nen Yim was younger, sometime before the Yuuzhan Vong War, in which the extragalactic Yuuzhan Vong invaded a galaxy other than their own, she and a pair of crèche-mates, P'loh and Zhul, put a korsk in a communal eating area where it proceeded to eat all of the i'fii foodstuff.[1] In 29 ABY[2] during the war, Yim discovered that the Jedi Knight Tahiri Veila shared her memories, including the korsk incident. This led Yim to realize that her own personality had been implanted in Veila's mind during an attempt to make Veila believe that she was a Yuuzhan Vong via shaping, a form of Yuuzhan Vong bioengineering.[1]

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Korsks were only mentioned once, in Greg Keyes' The Final Prophecy released in September 2003 as part of The New Jedi Order series of novels.[1]

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