Kos was a Human male who served as the Vice Chairman of Galactic Accounts for the InterGalactic Banking Clan, during the years surrounding the First Battle of Geonosis.


He worked on the planet Aargau during this time, and spent a great deal of time and money trying to track down the Clawdite criminal known as Nuri. Kos eventually captured a young Boba Fett and held him for investigation, claiming that Fett was actually Nuri in another guise. To win his freedom, Fett provided information on the true identity of Count Dooku. Unfortunately, neither Kos nor the information reached San Hill. Kos was intercepted by Aurra Sing within Aargau's city-pyramid, when the bounty hunter was trying to locate Boba Fett for herself. In a speeder chase through the lower levels, Aurra Sing shot and killed Kos.



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