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"Would you care for some tea while you determine my next chore? I have checked the kitchen stores, and can offer you a choice of Manellan Jasper, Kosh, Bluefruit Kintle…"
―P-RC3, to Atour Riten[1]

Kosh was a type of tea available in the galaxy[1] by 0 BBY.[2] Some Kosh was among the kitchen stores aboard the Death Star battlestation. On one occasion, librarian droid P-RC3 inquired if Human Chief Librarian Atour Riten wanted some tea, offering him a choice of Kosh, Manellan Jasper, and Bluefruit Kintle.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Kosh was mentioned in Death Star, a 2007 novel by Michael Reaves and Steve Perry. It was not revealed which one of the offered types of tea, if any, Riten chose.[1]


Notes and references[]

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