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Kosh Teradoc was the younger brother of Treuten Teradoc and also an Imperial admiral and a warlord.


Kosh Teradoc was born into a hardscrabble family on the planet Er'Kit, located in the Outer Rim Territories. While growing up, both Kosh and his older brother, Treuten— who was born one year before him—had dreams of playing at Piethet Brighteyes and the raiders of the Ryloth Ark, a fictional story.[1]

Joining the NavyEdit

Despite being a poor physical specimen, Kosh, along with his brother, enrolled in the Corulag Academy, an Imperial academy located on the planet Corulag. Kosh excelled at naval theory, and both he and his brother worked hard to outperform one another. His hard work paid off, as he achieved the rank of captain almost simultaneously with his brother. Both were assigned to Crimson Command, a fleet of red-hulled Victory-class Star Destroyers designed to act as a rapid-response task force in the Quelii Oversector and led by High Admiral Zsinj. Despite having achieved a command rank, Kosh's rivalry with his brother continued, especially when his older brother was promoted to High Admiral and given command of Crimson Command. Treuten took every opportunity to rub his promotion in Kosh's face, which inspired Kosh to achieve an admiralty of his own, along with command of the larger, more modern Imperial II-class Star Destroyer Lancet.[1]

Having not been present for the Battle of Endor in 4 ABY, Kosh did as many other Imperials (including his brother) were doing, namely going renegade and setting up their own Empires. Whereas his brother stayed in the Mid Rim to rule over the newly formed Greater Maldrood, Kosh followed the example of Admiral Blitzer Harrsk and struck out for the Deep Core. It was here he became more dedicated to the art of war than ever. He set up his own Empire around the Deep Core, and was constantly warring with and absorbing contenders, while alternately allying both with and against Harrsk. His many successes led to Kosh adopting the rank of High Admiral, and coming to lead an impressive military force. However, these successes also made him arrogant, as he began likening himself to warlords such as Zakrinand Minus and Mandalore the First.[1]

Federated Teradoc UnionEdit

"Well... we need to negotiate our percentages. I was thinking that I'd take a hundred percent."
―Kosh, negotiating with Garik Loran, who was disguised as Captain Hatchat[src]

In 8 ABY, Kosh was forced to come to his brother's aid, after Treuten barged into a fight between the Empire and the New Republic, making himself a nuisance, and causing both governments to vow to crush him. Following the rescue, Kosh and Treuten consolidated their Mid-Rim and Deep Core territories, creating the Federated Teradoc Union. The brothers' territory continued to expand as they conquered towards each other. At one point however, their alliance almost fell apart. Leonia Tavira, a former Moff turned pirate, played them against one another, though they were able to curb their jealousies long enough to swear allegiance to the reborn Palpatine, known to them as the Omnipotent Battle Leader. Shortly after swearing allegiance to the reborn Emperor, all-out war with the New Republic began. Treuten fared badly in this conflict, and Kosh ordered both him and his battered Crimson Command into the Deep Core, while he worked to preserve their holdings in the Mid Rim.[1]

Unbeknownst to him, this move would have grave repercussions for both Teradocs. Eager to impress his younger brother, Treuten used his forces to battle Supreme Warlord Blitzer Harrsk, a conflict which led to bloody attrition for both. When Admiral Natasi Daala attempted to act as mediator between the two and other feuding warlords in the Deep Core, Treuten's strike on Harrsk's fleet and the subsequent retaliatory strike by Harrsk on Teradoc's fortress convinced her to ally with Teradoc's second-in-command, Gilad Pellaeon. The two arranged a meeting of the 13 strongest Imperial warlords. When they would not agree to act in unison, Daala had them all, including Treuten, killed with poison gas.[2]

Despite his previous antipathy with his brother, Kosh took Treuten's death as a bitter blow. While he continued to control his brother's now greatly reduced Greater Maldrood, the death of his brother and so many other warlords led him to contemplate retirement. In 13 ABY, Teradoc traveled to a club on the planet Ryvester along with several bodyguards, with the intention of collecting a valuable artifact from Captain Hachat inside a bar. Hatchet was in fact an alias being used by Garik "Face" Loran of Wraith Squadron, who had lured Teradoc in with the intention of saving Doctor Mulus Cheems, a mineral analyst who Teradoc was holding prisoner for his own selfish purposes. Wraith Squadron caused a commotion in the bar that allowed them to succeed in their mission of saving Cheems while Teradoc had collected his artifact.[3]

However, as Wraith Squadron would later reveal to the saved Cheems, it turned out that the artifact was in fact created from a modified form of anthracite, a type of starship fuel, in crystallized form. The artifact was equipped with atmospheric pressure meters, and was designed to detonate once it was deep within Teradoc's base on Ryvester, in order to destroy his research and development labs, where plague viruses, toxins, and a sonic device designed to shatter lightsaber crystals were being developed. Once the device detected it was at the depth of Teradoc's personal vault, it detonated, killing Teradoc and causing the research lab's automated decontamination measures to activate. These measures would ensure everything within the site was turned to ash and chemically sterilized.[3]

Behind the scenesEdit

Kosh Teradoc was created by veteran Star Wars author Aaron Allston and first appeared in his novel X-Wing: Mercy Kill.



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