Kote kyram

A kote ky'ram

The kote ky'ram, also known more simply as the Mandalorian death ceremony, was a funerary ritual performed by the Mandalorian culture in ancient times for warriors who died with the highest honor. When translated into Galactic Basic from the Mandalorian language of Mando'a, kote ky'ram meant "glory death," and was typically reserved for warriors who fell in battle to Jedi or impossible odds. The death ceremony saw the fallen warrior's body placed upon an elevated pyre, to better ensure their spirit would be able to join those of other Mandalorian paragons. As the deceased was cremated, clan members shouted war cries and tales of their fallen comrade's deeds to the sky, before beginning a night of drunken celebration and feasting in the warrior's honor.[1]

By the time of the Galactic War, the only non-Mandalorian to receive the honor was the Sith Lord Raze, who died while single-handedly rescuing a Mandalorian clan from twenty Jedi during a battle on the planet Dantooine.[1]

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The kote ky'ram ritual was first introduced to the Star Wars universe in the MMORPG video game Star Wars: The Old Republic, as part of the Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion, released October 27, 2015.[1]


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