"The town of Kothal's two klicks to the south, and I'm sending you both on a supply run."
―Hera Syndulla, to Ezra Bridger and Garazeb Orrelios[src]

Kothal was a settlement located on the planet Lothal. The settlement had a number of sellers and vendors, including Morad Sumar. Garazeb Orrelios and Ezra Bridger stole a TIE/ln space superiority starfighter from the Galactic Empire in Kothal.[1]

Kothal hosted a grav-ball team called the Kothal Roughnecks that played the AppSci SaberCats in a championship-deciding match during the time of the Galactic Empire when Zare Leonis was attending the Junior Academy of Applied Sciences.[2]

Also, the Rodian Tsoklo operated a fruit stall in Kothal, and once sold imported meiloorun fruits to Imperials under the command of Supply Master Yogar Lyste.[1]

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The town of Kothal appears in "Fighter Flight," the second episode of the first season of Star Wars Rebels. Although the episode identifies the town's name as Kothal, the "Fighter Flight" Episode Guide and the Databank entry for Morad Sumar on StarWars.com both spell the town's name as "Kothar."[3][4]

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