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Kowak was a tropical planet in the Outer Rim and the homeworld of the Kowakian monkey-lizard species.


Mukmuk crouch

A red-skinned monkey-lizard

Kowak was a planet that was completely covered in tropical rain forests. There were many animals that inhabited Kowak, but the dominant species on the planet were the Kowakian monkey-lizard.


A group of University of Coruscant zoologists once visited Kowak hoping to conduct a study on the sentience of the planet's monkey-lizards. The zoologists noted that at first the monkey-lizards were apprehensive towards them, and seemed to be trying to keep to themselves. After about a week of being watched from afar with macrobinoculars, the monkey-lizards began to wander into the group's camp, inspecting their equipment and looking around.[4]


Monkey-lizards enter a camp

The zoologists eventually began to offer the creatures some of their food; that was when the Kowakians's cruel streak came out. They hid a snake in one of the zoologist's bags, destroyed their expensive equipment, ate all their food, played in their tents and even left barrels of water on top of branches, pouring their contents down on anyone who walked below. The zoologists had no choice but to leave the planet.[4]

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