The Kowakian ape-lizard, also known as the Kowakian ape, was a huge, non-sentient predatory reptilian creature native to the planet Kowak.


The Kowakian ape-lizard had a face and long tail similar to that of its smaller kin, the Kowakian monkey-lizards. However, it was much larger, towering over a full-grown human. It also had a very bulky and muscular build, and produced a booming roar unlike the high-pitched cackles of its smaller cousins.[2] The creature also had short hind legs and powerful long forearms. With tusks and bristly hair running down its spine,[2] its hide was resistant to blaster fire.[1]



A Kowakian ape-lizard pursues Poe Dameron and his Resistance crew.

In 34 ABY, some members of Kragan Gorr's pirate gang attempted to loot a Darius G-class freighter passing through an asteroid field near the planet Castilon. However, the freighter's cargo turned out to be a Kowakian ape-lizard and several monkey-lizards. The released ape-lizard rampaged through the ship and devoured most of the pirates aside from Synara San, who managed to hide in a container. Afterwards, the Resistance spy Kazuda Xiono and the pilot Poe Dameron arrived at the crashed ship and rescued San while evading the ape-lizard.[1]



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