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"Your wisdom belies your years."
Nrin Vakil[src]

Koyi Komad was a student in the Mrlsst Trade and Science Academy where she studied hyperspatial physics under professor Rorax Falken, with xenopsych as an elective. There she became friends with Anki Pace.

During the Phantom Affair, while Rogue Squadron were on their leave, they met Koyi in a local cantina, The Soundmound, where she worked as a waitress. Becoming fast friends, Koyi helped the Rogues escape imprisonment by hiding them in a safe place in the trees above the Academy campus. This adventure helped open her eyes to 'the bigger hologram' and she opted for work-study, eventually joining Rogue Squadron.

At the time of the Battle of Brentaal IV, Koyi was the Squadron's chief mechanic. Her skills with a hydrospanner earned her high praise from the always-critical Plourr.

She later married Rogue pilot Nrin Vakil and invited Anki to her wedding.

Behind the scenes[]

Koyi Mateil is incorrectly identified as Koyi Komad in the photo costume gallery in the rear of the Dressing a Galaxy: The Costumes of Star Wars book.

Named by the scripter Darko Macan, Koyi Komad was one of the in-jokes by the Croatian author. Just like a number of other characters in The Phantom Affair her name actually is her description in Croatian, Darko Macan's native tongue. Koyi Komad translated literally to "What a Babe".



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