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"We will take care of them, Phasma, just like you asked. Pretty soon, Doza will be begging you to take control of the Colossus."
―Kragan Gorr to Captain Phasma[src]

Kragan Gorr was a male Quarren pirate who operated during the New Republic Era. Gorr led the Warbird gang and secretly worked for the First Order.


Young pirateEdit

"Kragan, you and Mirack see if there are any survivors. PALLAS-Eleven, you're with me."

Early in the Galactic Civil War, Kragan Gorr was part of a pirate crew led by the Lasat Grox. The gang was hired to steal ships for the Tech Masters inside the Kiax Nebula. One day, they were able to lure in the YT-1300 light freighter Millennium Falcon and siphon its power. Grox led a boarding party onto the freighter, consisting of him, Gorr, the Nephran Mirack, and the assassin droid PALLAS-Eleven. Grox told Gorr and Mirack to check for survivors while he went off with Eleven. They found no one on board the light freighter and impounded it on Trionak, intending to sell it.[3]

Pirate leaderEdit

Deal with the First OrderEdit

By 34 ABY, Gorr had lost his left forearm and was a leader of his own pirate gang. Eventually, they were approached by the First Order. They wanted his gang to attack the refueling station Colossus for the them so its captain, Imanuel Doza, could give up power to the First Order for protection.[2] The First Order gave them equipment to do this, and they began running "Triple Dark" attacks on the Colossus.[2]

Failed attackEdit

"Engage the power generators, and go for their fuel reserves."
―Kragan Gorr leads an attack on the Colossus[src]

Gorr sent a Neimoidian named Hallion Nark to serve as a spy and inside agent, who soon contacted Gorr back, giving him an all clear for an assault on the Colossus. Kragan soon led his pirates, under the cover of a "Triple Dark" storm, to attack the station. He ordered the other pilots to engage the power generators and target the fuel reserves. The Colossus defenses mobilized and Ace Squadron engaged the pirates. The pirates were able to take out at least two defense turrets regardless. However, a disturbance occurred through the comms and the pirates were stunned. Ace squadron was able to shoot one down, and Gorr ordered them to retreat after a communications overload caused by Kazuda Xiono was too distracting, preventing the pirates from communicating.[2]

After the battle, Gorr talked to Major Elrik Vonreg and Captain Phasma, who were displeased with the pirates. Gorr assured them that Nark would be dealt with for his tactical mistake of losing his comlink, and thus allowing Xiono to foil the pirates' attack.[2]

Infiltration of the ColossusEdit

"This kid mistook me for the crew and got me registered."
"Maybe this will turn out better than stealing cargo. Our little mishap might just work to our advantage. Stay put and blend in. I'll have an assignment for you soon."
―Synara San and Gorr[src]

Later, several of Gorr's pirates, led by Synara San, raided a Darius G-class freighter in an asteroid field near Castilon. San was the sole survivor, as the rest of the pirates were killed by a Kowakian ape-lizard. She was rescued by Resistance members Poe Dameron, Kazuda Xiono and two astromech droids, who had picked up the freighter's distress signal and investigated. The Mirialan pirate was brought to the Colossus by Xiono and Jarek Yeager, as they thought she was a member of the freighter's crew.[4]

Once on the platform, San contacted Gorr and told him of the situation, including the failure of the raid and that she had been handed an opportunity to spy on the platform. Gorr conceded that this situation was better than any profits they may have attained from the raid, and ordered San to blend in, and that he would contact her soon with an assignment, before signing off.[4] San soon contacted Gorr again, informing him that the Colossus' defence turrets were temporarily out of operation. He told her to contact him again when Ace Squadron leave the station for one of their missions. When this happened, San told Gorr, and he prepared his pirates for another attack.[5]

Successful raidEdit

"That must be the targeting computer. We can't let them repair it."
―Gorr, to his pirates[src]

Gorr led his pirate gang in another attack the Colossus. While they wrecked havoc on the station, Gorr noticed Xiono and Yeager carrying a component for the turbolaser's targeting computer on a hoverlift. Gorr attacked them but they evaded him and flew up to the targeting computer. As they tried to install it, Gorr and two other pirates were dropped off to try and stop them. Gorr's two subordinates engaged the pair, but after Yeager knocked one of them off his hoverlift, he rammed it hoverlift into the other one, knocking them unconscious. Gorr shot at them, but Yeager shot back and disarmed him. Gorr then jumped onto the hoverlift and knocked Yeager's blaster out of his hand, before throwing Xiono off.[5]

While Yeager and Gorr wrestled, Xiono tried to push the component into the targeting computer. He shouted for Yeager to help him and Yeager shook his hoverlift so Gorr was left hanging off. Gorr, though, climbed back to Yeager and he reared the hoverlift away before it could ram the component. Yeager flew his hoverlift in for another attempt and Gorr tried to knock him off. However, the hoverlift was already flying towards the targeting computer at high speed. They both jumped off both it hit the component, slotting it into the targeting computer. The turbolasers began working again and fired on the pirates. Gorr ordered a retreat and returned to his shuttle to leave.[5]

Resistance involvementEdit

Gorr eventually discovered that the pilots who had rescued San from the derelict freighter were in fact members of the Resistance, and when he next made contact with her, during a delayed regular check-in call, he informed her about this. He showed her a security camera image from the freighter of Xiono, Dameron and their droids inside the ship, but due to smoke and poor lighting in the image, San was unable to recognize anyone in the picture after studying it for a brief time, before she was forced to end the transmission due to hearing Xiono approaching.[6]

Personality and traitsEdit

Kragan Gorr was a male Quarren with blue eyes and orange skin. He had a cybernetic left forearm.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

Kragan Gorr first appeared on October 2, 2018 in the canon junior novel Choose Your Destiny: A Luke & Leia Adventure, written by Cavan Scott, which allows readers to make choices as they read, with one official canon path.[3] He was first pictured on October 14 in "The Triple Dark", the second episode of the Star Wars Resistance animated series. There, he was voiced by Gary Anthony Williams,[2] who previously voiced Riff Tamson in Star Wars: The Clone Wars[7] and Gron in Star Wars Rebels.[8]



Notes and referencesEdit

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