"Tell you what, Ord'ika, fancy some breakfast while the system gets on with unpacking that data? They do a disgustingly greasy fry-up in the Kragget."
Kal Skirata to ARC trooper Captain Ordo[src]

The Kragget was an all-day restaurant located on the planet Coruscant, the capital world of the Galactic Republic. Taking its name from the kragget rats that prowled Coruscant's undercity, the Kragget restaurant was situated at the edge of the ecumenopolis' lower levels. The Kragget served a selection of inexpensive, greasy breakfast food at all hours of the day, including a variety of fried eggs, nerf meat strips, roba sausage, and mealbread sticks. Much of the Kragget's business came from repeat customers, and the dining establishment's position near the lawless neighborhoods of the Coruscant underworld made the Kragget a favorite of off-duty police officers of the Coruscant Security Force.

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"It's not the Skysitter, but it sets you up for the day."
―Kal Skirata[src]

The Kragget was located on Coruscant, at the edge of the city world's lower levels.

The Kragget was located on the planet Coruscant,[1] the capital world of the Galactic Republic, located in the galaxy's Core Worlds region.[2] Situated on the edge of the ecumenopolis' lower levels, the Kragget was an all-day restaurant housed within a large, multi-story permacrete complex that was also home to a number of apartments.[3] The front of the restaurant was comprised of wide but grimy transparisteel windows that overlooked a Coruscanti walkway[1] and nearby skylane; the transparisteel was interrupted by pair of sliding doors that allowed customers entrance to the Kragget.[3] Inside, an assortment of benches, booths, and tables were spread about for patrons to sit at,[4] though the tables at the Kragget were often in need of wiping down from previous use.[1] The Kragget's kitchen was located at the rear of the restaurant, accessible by doors at the back of the cantina. From there, individuals could make use of a turbolift or a staircase to reach the overhead apartments housed in the same complex as the Kragget.[3]

Named for the kragget rats that roamed Coruscant's lower levels,[4] and reputed for food that was both delicious and inexpensive,[1] the Kragget served breakfast at all hours of the day.[3] However, the Kragget's cuisine was known for being greasy, fat-laden, and generally unhealthy by common Human standards. Among the restaurant's selection of foods were fried or smoked strips of nerf meat, mealbread sticks, a variety of fried eggs[1]—including werris eggs—fried roba sausage, and breadroot patties.[3] One notable meal on the Kragget's menu was known as the "Arterial Blocker."[4] The Kragget also offered caf for patrons to drink, by the pot or cup, and tables at the Kragget were furnished with napkins and sauce for customers to use.[1] The Kragget did not perform security checks on customers or any bags in their possession,[4] and was tended by droid and organic servers alike.[1] Ninety percent of the cantina's business came in the form of regular, repeat clients,[4] and customers were expected to tip their servers when they dined.[3]

History[edit | edit source]

The Kragget was a favored establishment of CSF officers who worked Coruscant's lower levels.

"I'm a regular at the Kragget and there are plenty of CSF lads using the place, so it's secure."
―Kal Skirata[src]

The Kragget restaurant was opened at a point in time prior to the outbreak of the Clone Wars, a pan-galactic conflict between the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems.[1] Due to its location on the edge of Coruscant's lower levels, which contained a number of dangerous and often lawless neighborhoods, the Kragget became a favored dining establishment of the Coruscant Security Force.[3] Many of the CSF's police officers came to enjoy the fact that the Kragget was close enough to their assigned territory to be able to quickly respond to a call, but far enough away to act as a safe haven from the rigors of the job. The Kragget was considered less prestigious than the Skysitter Restaurant, but over time, it developed a reputation of its own for good, inexpensive food. The restaurant made use of a server droid for some time, though by the year 21 BBY, the Kragget's day shift duties had been taken over by a Twi'lek waitress[1] named Soronna.[3]

That same year, on the first anniversary of the Clone Wars' opening battle on Geonosis, the Grand Army of the Republic military contractor and Mandalorian soldier Kal Skirata brought his surrogate son, Clone Captain Ordo, to the Kragget for breakfast. The two celebrated their survival of the war's first year, and made plans for an upcoming anti-terrorist operation they meant to conduct on Coruscant in the coming days. While there, Skirata and Ordo enjoyed a meal of fried eggs, smoked nerf slices, and several cups of caf, all the while they were attended to[1] by the waitress Soronna.[3] Seventeen days later, Skirata returned to the Kragget, this time with Coruscant Security Force Captain Jaller Obrim. The two sat with their backs to the wall, looking out the transparisteel front of the Kragget while sharing a meal of eggs, each apprising the other of recent developments in the now ongoing counter-terrorism operation. The working breakfast came to an end when the Jabiimi terrorist cell they hoped to foil contacted Skirata—undercover and known to them as a dealer of plastoid explosive—looking to establish a meeting. In keeping with a good luck ritual of his, Obrim took it upon himself to pay for both men's meals, and insisted that Skirata come back alive so that he could eventually return the favor.[1]

Kal Skirata was a regular customer of the Kragget.

During the mission to take down the Jabiimi terrorists, Skirata and his team of clone commandos operated out of Qibbu's Hut, a hotel and bar in the Coruscant entertainment district. While there, a commando known as Atin entered into a relationship with a young Twi'lek woman by the name of Laseema, the Hut's bartender[1] and dancer.[3] However, Laseema was mistreated by the bar's owner,[4] leading Skirata to purchase a large, floor-spanning apartment located over the Kragget for Laseema to move into. Though she accepted Skirata's initial generosity, Laseema insisted on taking a job at the Kragget restaurant in order to earn her keep. The spacious apartment and the restaurant below became an improvised safehouse and meeting place for Skirata and his associates.[3] Skirata later moved into one of the apartment's rooms in order to house and care for his adopted grandson, Venku, looking after the child in the absence of Venku's parents, the active-duty clone commando Darman, and the frontline Jedi General Etain Tur-Mukan.[4]

Five hundred forty-eight days after the start of the Clone Wars, Skirata met with the former Jedi Knight Bardan Jusik at the Kragget to discuss his recent departure from the Jedi Order. No longer a Jedi and unable to return to his old home, Skirata offered Jusik residence at the loft apartment over the Kragget, and enlisted his aid in his plans to help the Grand Army's clone troopers. During their meeting, Skirata ordered the Kragget's "Arterial Blocker" meal with an extra egg, while Jusik enjoyed some caf and a plate of hot food of his own.[4]

In 19 BBY, after returning to Coruscant from a recent deployment, Jedi General Etain Tur-Mukan stopped into the Kragget to visit with her son, Venku. While waiting for Venku to return from a shopping trip with Laseema, Tur-Mukan took a seat at one of the Kragget's tables and enjoyed her usual cup of caf. When Laseema and Venku arrived, several of the Kragget's CSF patrons fawned over the baby there in the restaurant, though it wasn't long before Laseema and Tur-Mukan departed to the Twi'lek's upstairs apartment in order to allow mother and child a chance to spend some time together alone. Nearly two months later, Kal Skirata again met up with Jaller Obrim at the Kragget. While there, the two witnessed a male customer accost Laseema while she was working, prompting the Twi'lek waitress to draw a knife on the man, pinning his arm to his table via his sleeve and warning him against any further harassment. Faced with a hostile response from both Laseema and the Kragget's numerous CSF customers—who had drawn their service weapons at the onset of the violent commotion—the man hastily removed himself from his booth once Laseema withdrew her knife, and quickly departed the Kragget.[3]

Jedi Knight Etain Tur-Mukan took temporary refuge in the Kragget after the issuance of Order 66.

One thousand and thirty-four days into the Clone Wars, Kal Skirata sat down with his Mandalorian contemporary and former Cuy'val Dar colleague Mij Gilamar for breakfast at the Kragget. Against his better judgment as a medical doctor, Gilamar enjoyed a large meal of unhealthy fried foods that consisted of werris eggs and an assortment of fried meats, including roba sausages. Gilamar made use of a breadroot patty to soak up the leftover melted roba fat and egg yolk from his plate, before eating that as well. Just over a month later, when Skirata returned to the Kragget, he found his apartment over the restaurant completely emptied, and Laseema, Jusik, and the young Venku gone. Minutes later, not far from the Kragget, Jaller Obrim intercepted a distraught Skirata and explained that the Office of the Supreme Chancellor had issued a warrant for the Mandalorian soldier's arrest; the apartment over the Kragget had been cleaned out and the tenants relocated to a safe place by Obrim in order to avoid law enforcement.[3]

In the wake of the issuance of Order 66—one of the Grand Army of the Republic's contingency orders, responsible for labeling the army's Jedi officers traitors to the Republic—and the Supreme Chancellor's ordered attack on the Jedi Temple, Coruscant entered into an emergency state, with army and police units patrolling Galactic City for Jedi fugitives. Arriving on Coruscant from the ongoing battle on Kashyyyk amid the chaos, Etain Tur-Mukan sought temporary shelter at the Kragget. There, she was taken into the kitchens at the back of the restaurant by Soronna the waitress, who offered her a change of civilian clothes. Once Tur-Mukan was out of her Jedi robes and boots, Soronna gathered the garments and threw them in the Kragget's trash incinerator. Thanking the Twi'lek woman for her kindness, Tur-Mukan set out through the front of the restaurant, but was stopped at the door by a CSF officer. Against his standing orders, the officer kept the young woman from being spotted by a military gunship passing by on patrol, then wished the fugitive Jedi luck as Tur-Mukan left the Kragget.[3]

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The Kragget was first introduced to the Star Wars universe via an appearance in the second entry in the Republic Commando novel series, Triple Zero, written by author Karen Traviss and published February 28, 2006. The restaurant appeared again in Traviss' subsequent Republic Commando novel, True Colors, published October 30, 2007, and its sequel, Order 66, released September 16, 2008.

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