This article is about an aquatic vehicle used by the Mon Calamari Rangers. You may be looking for Krakana, an aquatic predator and namesake to this vehicle.

The Krakana underwater fighter was a vessel employed by the Mon Calamari Rangers for use in combat against Darth Krayt's Galactic Empire.[1]



Krakana fighters defend Calamari refugees.

The Krakana was a one-man fighter for use in the waters of Dac resembling a sea creature with a large tailfin for propulsion and four laser cannons shaped like pincers. The craft was armed with six laser cannons, two near the center of the ship, and four others attached to the limbs stretching off the sides of the craft.[1] They were named after the deadly Krakana, an aquatic predator on the world,[2] and at least one of the craft had a drawing of the predator on the underside of its hull.[1]


These vessels were used to protect Mon Calamari refugees who were being systematically hunted down by Darth Krayt's forces as part of the Emperor's plot to eliminate the Mon Calamari people. The Mon Calamari Rangers met the Imperials' Shark fighters in direct combat with these craft, allowing Mon Calamari civilians to escape destruction.[1]

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Krakana underwater fighters first appeared in Fight Another Day, a 2009 story arc in the Star Wars: Legacy comic. It was written by John Ostrander and penciled by Omar Francia.


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