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"I am programmed to resist intimidation."

Kraken was a super tactical droid that served under Admiral Trench, and he was later tasked with delivering clone trooper Tup to Count Dooku.


In an effort to retrieve Tup, Anakin Skywalker along with Captain Rex and ARC trooper Fives boarded the Separatist shuttle and took down the droids guarding Tup. Kraken fought Skywalker in hand-to-hand combat before Skywalker cut off the droid's hands with his lightsaber. Kraken was questioned about his knowledge of why the Separatists wanted Tup, but the droid would not say, resulting in Skywalker decapitating Kraken.

Later, Kraken was rebuilt and partook in the Battle of Scipio. By order of Count Dooku, Kraken dispatched mutiple hyena bombers to destroy the Republic forces on the planet. Soon after, Kraken's fleet was attacked by republic ships led by Anakin Skywalker. Dooku, who had returned from his mission on Scipio, ordered Kraken to withdraw their forces. Kraken protested, saying that hundreds of droid forces had been left on the planet. Dooku dismissed Kraken's concerns and ordered the droid to withdraw. Kraken obeyed and retreated along with the rest of the Confederate forces, abandoning the droid forces on the planet. Kraken later informed Dooku that Darth Sidious was ordering him back to Coruscant.



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