Krantian Civil War was a conflict between indigenous Krantians and the Imperial forces of Moff Yittreas that began in 0 ABY and ended six years later.

Long suppressed by the Empire for the mineral value of Krant and its two moons, the Krantians waged a successful campaign against Yittreas with the assistance of Echuu Shen-Jon, Leia Organa, Luke Skywalker and Rebel Alliance forces. This victory provided a boost in momentum to the jumpstart received by the Rebel Alliance cause after their victory at Yavin.

Echuu Rebel

Echuu Shen-Jon met rebel troopers.

Seven years later, Luke and Leia returned to Hanoon to reassemble the Vor'Na'Tu and three years later, they helped Lathe Parthenian reclaim Hanoon's Terraform Processor in New Geddes and kill Yittreas. Hanoon now belonged to its people.

The Krant system later joined the New Republic.


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There is a discrepancy in the dates of the campaign. Yittreas' Galactic Battlegrounds DataBank entry states the Krantian Civil War lasted 10 years, but this was superseded by The Essential Atlas, which lists the final battle as taking place in 6 ABY. This article follows the later source. The 2005 book The New Essential Chronology, furthermore, places the start of the Civil War around 0 ABY.



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