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"Heh. Oh, we can afford it. Pay this woman. With the credits we raided from Mykapo. The bloody ones."
A Krawg pirate[src]

A group of Krawg pirates operated in the Mykapo system. Sometime after the mission to Ktath'atn, they were tricked into buying one crate of Imperial blasters from Sana Starros with the bounty hunter promising to deliver twelve more to them. After informing the Empire on Coruscant of who had the blasters, Starros traveled to Tatooine where the other twelve crates were being kept by the crime lord Jabba Desilijic Tiure to frame the Krawg for stealing the crate from him. One of the Krawg was present in Jabba's Palace and attempted to kill Starros for double crossing them but was killed by Starros. After stealing the rest of the crates and leaving Tatooine aboard her ship, Starros and her associate Lando Calrissian were caught up by the rest of the Krawg, who attempted to destroy the ship, but were captured and intended to be arrested by the Empire.[1]



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