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"Other Jedi have come here before you. Do not think you are the first, or will be the last."
―A Sith spirit, to Vara Nreem[src]

Krayiss Two was a planet in the Outer Rim, in the remote Sith Worlds region of the Stygian Caldera nebula. Connected to other nearby worlds by the Nache Bhelfia hyperlane, Krayiss Two was considered one of the five sacred Sith planets that formed the heart of the Sith Empire. In ancient times, Krayiss Two was home to a massive library-temple that was a place of meditation and study for Sith sorcerers. However, after 14,000 BBY, it was buried and largely forgotten, with its large obelisk being all that remained above ground. Still, Krayiss Two attracted a number of Jedi seeking to learn the secrets of the ancient temple. In 4000 BBY, a Jedi Knight named Vara Nreem traveled to the world for this purpose, but she was deemed unworthy by the Sith spirits that dwelled within the ruin. As a result, Nreem was killed and made to suffer in torment for eternity.


"And down we go! This is just like that excavation on Krayiss—without the insane Force apparitions, of course."
―Talos Drellik, on the tunnels of Makeb[src]

Located in the Esstran sector of the Outer Rim Territories, the planet Krayiss Two resided in the[1] Krayiss system[2] of the Stygian Caldera nebula, with grid coordinates of R-5.[1] Krayiss Two's region of space was within the Sith Worlds,[2] which formed the heart of the ancient Sith Empire. Krayiss Two was considered one of the five sacred Sith planets, along with Ziost, Khar Delba, Rhelg, and Korriban. Those five planets were linked by the looping hyperlane called the Nache Bhelfia—Krayiss Two fell between Khar Delba and the lesser world Ch'hodos on the route.[1] Krayiss Two was orbited by two moons, the lowest of which hung relatively close to the planet's surface. During Krayiss Two's night cycle, the moons gave the world a source of meager illumination.[4]


"And I have come to complete my learning by mastering the techniques of the Sith methods for using the Force—not the dark side of the Force—just the Force."
―Vara Nreem, describing her motives for traveling to Krayiss Two[src]

In the years before 14,000 BBY, a Sith library-temple was founded on Krayiss Two, a place for magicians of pure Sith blood to gather to meditate and set down the knowledge they had gained from their experiments. However, the temple became abandoned circa 14,000 BBY, although the spirits of those Sith who inhabited the place still remained. By 4000 BBY, the entire temple complex was completely buried, save for the massive obelisk that extended from the top of the structure. Over those ten thousand years, various Jedi, including several Jedi Masters, became interested in the obelisk and the power and knowledge supposedly held on Krayiss Two. However, in each case, the Sith ghosts within deemed them unworthy and trapped their spirits at the library-temple to suffer in torment for eternity.[4] In 4008 BBY,[5] a dark side force gathered on Krayiss Two, attracting the attention of Jev Sunrider, Jedi Watchman of the Darada system. Along with three Jedi Masters, Sunrider journeyed to the world to combat the force, but he never returned.[3]

In 4000 BBY, a Jedi Knight named Vara Nreem arrived on Krayiss Two, seeking the knowledge of the dark side that had lured so many other Jedi in the past. Nreem made her way to the obelisk that stood on the site of the ancient library-temple and recited an incantation that awoke the Sith spirits within from their slumber and prompted the entire temple complex to rise to the surface. Seeking to study within, Nreem beseeched the spirits to allow her access to the temple, hoping to confuse them with an unusual view of the Force. However, the spirits were not fooled and set upon the Jedi. Although Nreem attempted to resist, she was swiftly killed and her spirit made to suffer for eternity.[4] Sometime before the Galactic War between the restored Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic, the Empire conducted an excavation on Krayiss Two that was plagued by the planet's Sith spirits.[6] Knowledge of Krayiss Two's Sith history survived for at least several more millennia. In 44 ABY, Krayiss Two was on a list of Sith worlds assembled by a group of Jedi led by Grand Master Luke Skywalker, who were trying to track down a Sith Meditation Sphere called Ship.[7]


In ancient times, many pureblood Sith sorcerers called Krayiss Two home, studying and meditating at the library-temple. However, after around 14,000 BBY, the temple was forgotten, only inhabited by the spirits of those who came before. Over time, a number of Jedi, including Vara Nreem, would join them as their search for knowledge ended in disaster.[4]


"Taka zeech ma toka duuwaj."
―Vara Nreem, reciting an incantation to gain access to the obelisk[src]

The main landmark of Krayiss Two was its library-temple, which dated back to the ancient Sith Empire. The temple was an enormous structure of angled walls and pyramidal towers, with a tall obelisk serving as a spire on the top of the building. The temple's massive double-door was protected by a force field, which only allowed certain people to enter the premises. After the temple complex became buried, the obelisk was all that remained above ground.[4]

Behind the scenes[]

The planet Krayiss Two was first mentioned in A Tale from the Dark Side, a short story by George R. Strayton first printed in the 1996 West End Games sourcebook Tales of the Jedi Companion, and later reprinted for Star Wars Insider 88 in an online Hyperspace supplement. The Hyperspace edition establishes the events of the story on Krayiss Two as occurring in 4,000 BBY.[4] Krayiss Two was also mentioned in several other sources, including The Essential Atlas,[1] Book of Sith: Secrets from the Dark Side,[8] and Christie Golden's 2011 novel Fate of the Jedi: Ascension.[7]



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