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The Krayt's Honor was a Gozanti Cruiser captained by Siqo Vass, who, along with his crew, utilized his ship as an escort for independent merchants. The merchants, who found themselves constantly harassed by criminals in the employ of the Trade Federation, were grateful to Vass and his crew for their services, but the Federation itself eventually came to target the Krayt's Honor specifically. Fortunately for Vass, he and his crew found themselves in favor with the Hutt crime lord Jabba Desilijic Tiure, who offered them haven on the arid world of Tatooine. From there, the Krayt's Honor continued to prove an irritant to the Trade Federation.


Constructed by Gallofree Yards, the 41.8-meter-long Gozanti Cruiser Krayt's Honor was armed with eight side-mounted laser turrets for defense, in addition to several quad cannon turrets that protected the ship's dorsal and ventral hulls.[1] Apart from the standard armament, the ship boasted a variety of modifications: located in the ship's bow were a trio of turbolaser cannons, in addition to a pair of fire-linked proton torpedo launchers, which carried an expanded payload.[1][2]

The ship's captain, Siqo Vass, would utilize the torpedoes as an opening salvo in an engagement, but would not reveal the ship's highly illegal turbolasers unless he had to. When used, however, the turbolasers could cause considerable damage to capital ships. For defense, the Krayt's Honor boasted military-grade deflector shields that were able to hold off starfighter attacks, but not those of capital ships.[2]


The Krayt's Honor was captained by the Kel Dor Siqo Vass, although, to escape the widespread humanocentric prejudices of the galaxy, the Human Layn Wynest posed as captain.[2] The ship was crewed by a wide variety of sentient beings from various races, including Ithorians and Feeorin. During the Republic Classic era, the Krayt's Honor served as an escort for independent merchants who found themselves targeted by raiders and privateers acting covertly under the influence of the Trade Federation,[1] a conglomerate that did not take kindly to competition.[3] In order to do so, the Krayt's Honor worked as a Q-Ship—by appearing to be a common cargo craft, Vass could lure assailants in close enough to destroy them with the cruiser's hidden weaponry.[2] The merchants themselves highly valued the actions of Vass and his crew, but the Krayt's Honor soon drew the Federation's ire and attention.[1] To make matters more difficult for the crew, the Federation placed a bounty on Vass.[2]

Fortunately for Vass, one of the ships the Krayt's Honor saved was the Star Jewel—the personal yacht of Hutt crime lord Jabba Desilijic Tiure,[2] who was grateful enough to offer the crew and their ship haven on the Outer Rim world of Tatooine, one of the rare ports that the Federation wanted nothing to do with.[1] In both 32 BBY[4][5] and 22 BBY, the crew took the ship to the spaceport of Mos Espa.[5][6] As they made their home on Tatooine, Vass and his crew continued to harass the Federation, even during the pan-galactic Clone Wars.[1] Eventually, they were brought into direct conflict with Federation craft, as opposed to the hired guns they had fought in the past.[2] Following the Clone Wars, the ship and its crew disappeared, its fate unknown.[7]

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The Krayt's Honor first appeared in 1999's Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace, as an unidentified background ship in the film's Mos Espa sequence.[4] The ship was identified and given a backstory by "KenobiDX67" through StarWars.com's Hyperspace feature "What's The Story?,"[1] published within the StarWars.com Databank on January 12, 2007.[8]



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