"I heard that the graveyard is littered with their pearls, each one worth a fortune. I'll find one for you."
"Don't be stupid. Not only is there no graveyard, there's no such thing as a krayt or a pearl. All that you'll find out there are some giant sand beetles that will be more than happy to make a meal out of you."
―Patrons in a Tatooine cantina[src]

The Krayt Graveyard was a valley on Tatooine. It was where many krayt dragons went to die. The bones of hundreds of these creatures littered the valley floor. When an aged krayt sensed death approaching, it instinctively began the arduous journey to this resting place.[1] Tatooine settlers long wondered where these creatures went to die. Due to the extreme danger associated with the dragons, not many were overeager to find out. However, a few brave adventurers did search for the graveyard, hoping to find a fabled dragon pearl. None were known to have returned.[2]

The scientists Dusque Mistflier and Tendau Nandon explored the graveyard during the Galactic Civil War and managed to find a krayt dragon egg.[3]

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