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A pearl being claimed from a slain krayt dragon.

"I've been to Tatooine, actually, and bagged a krayt dragon there. Its pearls paid for the upgrades on the Jewel."
―Nakari Kelen, to Luke Skywalker[src]

Krayt dragon pearls were concretions that could be found in the bellies of krayt dragons,[1] a species of large creatures that could be found on the desert world of Tatooine. Those pearls were exceedingly rare and valuable.[2] The former senator Johhar Kessen, a notorious big game hunter, regarded a polished krayt dragon pearl paperweight as the ultimate trophy on Tatooine.[3] In 9 ABY,[source?] a group of Tusken Raiders found a pearl in the corpse of a greater krayt dragon.[4]

A Tusken Raider holding an enormous krayt dragon pearl.

Krayt dragons had a very long lifespan, and during the course of their life, would ingest stones to assist in digestion. The corrosive digestive fluid would break down and eventually dissolve the rocks. Rarely, a stone would contain a kyber crystal that would remain in a beast's gut being refined over the life of the dragon until it formed a smooth, small sphere. Because the pearls were formed from kyber, they could be used in lightsabers. A lightsaber equipped with one of these pearls emitted a very powerful and destructive blade that emitted a howling sound when ignited.[5]

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