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A Krayt dragon pearl

Krayt dragon pearls were lustrous, colored stones found in the last chamber of the gizzard of krayt dragons. The stones were used to help crush food eaten by them, and over time, they became rounded because of how much they moved around. They could be found in colors such as blue, green, red, white and black. Due to a refractive quality peculiar to the pearl, they could be used in a lightsaber if properly cleaned, prepared and installed, though it was a difficult task. The pearls were seen as exceptionally valuable by the public (easily worth upwards of a hundred thousand credits each), as well as proof a person had killed a krayt dragon (to Tusken Raiders, a sign of bravery).


A Tusken Raider claims a pearl from a greater krayt dragon

An illustrious owner of one of these famous pearls was Revan, who got it in exchange for helping Komad Fortuna kill an enormous canyon krayt that was nesting inside a cave near Anchorhead. Revan either gave it to the Tusken Raiders, who recognized him as a warrior and allowed him to learn their tradition, or kept it for his lightsaber, or sold it for credits.

Calo Nord intended to acquire a Krayt Dragon pearl on Tatooine, but, due to the Sith quarantine of Taris, he was forced to stay and work for Davik. The pearls were also sought by Bastila Shan's father, who planned on using the credits to treat his wife's terminal illness. Unfortunately, Mr. Shan was killed at the krayt's claws, leaving only his data holocron behind.

"Shady" Pers, a smuggler from Kashyyyk, received a krayt pearl the size of a human head from a delivery from Tatooine. Although it could easily bring him a hundred thousand credits, the pearl was soon confiscated from Pers by an ISB agent.[1]

The hunter Doallyn retrieved five pearls from a krayt dragon he killed while escorting Yarna d'al' Gargan across the Tatooine desert after the death of Jabba Desilijic Tiure.

CC-5052 "Bly" wielded two DC-17 pistols whose handles were made of krayt dragon pearls.

Han Solo used a krayt dragon pearl to pay his way into the famous sabacc game where he won the Millennium Falcon from Lando Calrissian.



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