"I never drink alone. You'd better buy my friend Kreg a drink too."
―Watto's flunky, to Qui-Gon Jinn[src]

Kreg was an Ithorian patron in 7-Gee Lounge at Mos Espa Arena during the time of the Invasion of Naboo. He was a friend of Watto's flunky, who also was present at that cantina, when Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn was searching for Watto. The flunky agreed to help the Jedi on the condition he bought him a glass of juri juice, and also asked for a juri juice for his friend Kreg, who was enjoying the performance of Wookiee and Ortolan musicians.


"Ah, my friend here is a little more sociable after a drink or two."
―Kreg, on Watto's flunky[src]

In 32 BBY,[2] the Ithorian male Kreg was one of the many patrons of 7-Gee Lounge, a cantina just next to the Mos Espa Grand Arena, located on the planet Tatooine. A short time before the year's Boonta Eve Classic Podrace would be held at the arena, Kreg was drinking alcohol in the cantina with his Human friend, a flunky of the local junk dealer Watto.[1]


The flunky and Kreg drinking in the 7-Gee Lounge

The pair was listening the performance of Wookiee and Ortolan musicians in the cantina when Kreg's friend was approached by Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn. The Jedi was looking for Watto, with whom he had to speak, but Jinn had not find him anywhere in the arena. As the flunky worked for the junk dealer, Jinn asked him about the location of Watto. However, the flunky did not want to be bothered by businesses while partying, and told the Jedi to go away. Kreg heard the conversation, and advised Jinn to buy a juri juice or a bantha blaster for the flunky to loosen his tongue. Jinn followed Kreg's tip, and bought a glass of juri juice from the cantina's bartender droid EV-7G7. He gave the drink to the flunky, who immediately became more helpful to the Jedi. Jinn again asked about Watto, but the flunky first told him to buy a drink for Kreg too. Jinn did so, and gave the juri juice to Kreg, who gratefully took it. The flunky then directed Jinn to Watto, and resumed to drink with the Ithorian.[1]

Before Jinn left the cantina, Kreg shared some information with the Jedi. Kreg told Jinn that the notorious crime lord Jabba Desilijic Tiure, who resided in his private box inside the arena, enjoyed to watch a fight, and would surely reward Jinn if the Jedi could provide entertainment to the Hutt. Kreg advised Jinn to turn to Anabar, a local merchant who dealed illegal weapons, if the Jedi Master had a need for explosive devices. The Ithorian also encouraged Jinn to talk with Lim near the entrance of the arena, and in addition, quietly revealed that "the password is 'Wortz'".[1]

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"Is that juri juice for me? Heh. You're too kind."
"Here, take this juri juice, my friend."
"Thank you. May the Force be with you."
―Kreg and Qui-Gon Jinn[src]

Described as a "hammerhead" due to his Ithorian anatomy,[3] Kreg enjoyed drinking alcohol, and was familiar with different drink types. When Jinn offered him a juri juice, Kreg praised the Jedi for his kindness. The Ithorian knew that his friend, the flunky, was far more social after having a few drinks, and when Jinn's request for help was turned down by the flunky, Kreg recommended the Jedi to[1] coax the flunky to help with a glass of alcohol.[3] Kreg knew about the Force, and wished it to be with Jinn. While generally helpful to the Jedi Master, the Ithorian lacked certain etiquette, burping loudly when first approached by Jinn.[1]

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Kreg appears in the Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace video game, voiced by David Jeremiah.[1]



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