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«Greetings and welcome to the Rryatt Trail. As an important part of Kashyyyk tradition, Wookiees come to the trail to prove themselves as warriors. Would you like to undertake some of the trail of the Rryatt Trail?»
―Krepauk, to a spacer[src]

Krepauk was a male Wookiee who was the Huntmaster of the Rryatt Trail on the planet Kashyyyk during the Galactic Civil War. As Huntmaster, Krepauk tested the hunting prowess of the travelers of the trail by giving them a variety of different hunts to undertake. Shortly after the Battle of Yavin, Krepauk encountered a spacer who wished to take on the trails' trials. In response, Krepauk tasked the spacer with several different hunts of increasing difficulty, including killing sixteen wallugas, the Dark Jedi Urootar, twenty-four feral Wookiees, twenty-four minstyngar, and a katarn. The spacer managed to complete all of Krepauk's hunts, and the Wookiee Huntmaster awarded the traveler with a large amount of credits, a pair of hunting mounts, and the knuckles of the katarn fashioned into a deadly blade.

Biography[edit | edit source]

«Honored hunter, you have bested the worst that the Rryatt Trail can send against you. You are a true warrior and an unparalled hunter. All of Kashyyyk honors your accomplishments.»
―Krepauk, to a spacer[src]

A male Wookiee, Krepauk was the Huntmaster of the Rryatt Trail—a large hunting trail located near the city of Rwookrrorro on the planet Kashyyyk—during the Galactic Civil War. As Huntmaster, it was Krepauk's job to test the hunting skills and honor of any traveler that approached him by providing them with a variety of hunts. Many of Krepauk's hunts of Kashyyyk's native fauna were quite dangerous; not everyone that participated in the Huntmasters' quests survived, and many more would be overwhelmed by the hunts, becoming insane and feral.[1]

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Sometime after the Battle of Yavin, Krepauk encountered a spacer journeying through the Rryatt Trail. Krepauk greeted the spacer and, upon informing the traveler about his profession and the many hunts available on the trail, asked if the traveler was interested in participating in one of his trials. The spacer accepted Krepauk's challenge and was soon tasked with hunting down sixteen walluga skullsmashers, large, powerful creatures native to Kashyyyk.[1]

The spacer departed and soon returned, having completed the errand. Krepauk congratulated the spacer on completing his first challenge and gave him 5,000 credits as a reward. Krepauk then tasked the spacer with finding and killing the Dark Jedi Urootar. Krepauk explained that Urootar, a former Jedi who had managed to survive the Great Jedi Purge, had become mad over the years and was now a danger to the trails' travelers. Before the spacer left Krepauk, the Huntmaster warned that Urootar still knew some tricks with the Force and would be a more difficult task than the last. After the spacer managed to defeat Urootar, Krepauk, impressed by the spacers' skills, rewarded the being with another 7,500 credits. The Huntmaster gave the traveler an even more dangerous task of hunting down and kill twenty-four feral Wookiees. Krepauk, saddened by the Wookiees' suffering, wanted the spacer to kill them to alleviate their pain and insanity.[1]

The spacer eliminated the Wookiees, and returned to Krepauk. Krepauk thanked the spacer for killing the feral Wookiees, believing it to be a painful but necessary task, and gave the traveler another 10,000 credits. Krepauk then wanted the spacer to slay twenty-four deadly simian predators known as minstyngar—a hunt more hazardous than the previous three. The spacer eliminated the minstyngar, and Krepauk, now realizing that the spacer truly was a masterful hunter, gave the being a reward of 15,000 credits and a hunting mount of a minstnygar's head. Krepauk also assigned the spacer one last hunt, tasking the spacer with killing a katarn, one of the most savage and lethal predators on Kashyyyk. Since this was by far the most perilous task, Krepauk warned that it would take the spacer's utmost skill and ability to defeat a katarn, and that the spacer would likely need a few companions to help kill the beast.[1]

The spacer managed to slay the katarn after a difficult fight, and the Huntmaster congratulated the spacer, declaring that the being was now one of the greatest hunters on all of Kashyyyk. For completing all of his hunts, Krepauk presented the traveler 25,000 credits, a hunting mount of the katarn's head, and the knuckles of the katarn fashioned into a powerful blade.[1]

Personality and traits[edit | edit source]

«Thank you. Bringing peace to those feral Wookiees was a painful, but necessary task.»
―Krepauk, thanking the spacer[src]

Krepauk took a great deal of pride in the Rryatt trail hunts, believing that they were an important part of Wookiee culture. He also offered advice to the spacer that accepted his different challenges, warning of their danger and informing the spacer where the prey would likely be found. Krepauk was also deeply saddened when he asked the spacer to kill the twenty-four feral Wookiees, but knew that they had become a danger to the trail and that the crazed Wookiees needed to be slain to end their suffering. Krepauk was covered in brown hair, had black eyes, and spoke the Shyriiwook language.[1]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Krepauk made his first and only appearance in canon in the 2005 Star Wars Galaxies expansion pack Rage of the Wookiees, wherein the Huntmaster had a series of quests, known as the "Rryatt Trail Trials," that the player could participate in. Although the player could choose not to do the "Rryatt Trail Trial" quests, this article assumes 100% game completion. Star Wars Galaxies was shut down on December 15, 2011.

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