The Krevaaki were a race of sentients native to Krevas. The Krevaaki people possessed an exoskeleton.[1] The face of a Krevaaki was composed of a series of shifting, chitinous plates with a limited range of expression. During face-to-face communication, it was difficult for anyone who was not a Krevaaki to read their facial expressions.

Krevaaki used their tentacles instead of arms and legs like bipeds. They often concealed the true number from humanoids.

Biology and appearance[]

Descended from shallow-water crustaceans, Krevaaki were sizable non-humanoids. From youth, they trained their tentacles for specific purposes. Older individuals became less adaptable. Over millennia, they had evolved to technology.

When excited, a Krevaaki's musk would smell.[2]


Even in the fabled Old Republic, Krevaaki were made conscious of their appearance. Great explorers in times of peace, they sought to avoid conflict. Large groups were never found away from their homeworld, off the Perlemian Trade Route.

Society and culture[]

The species dedicated themselves to spiritual experience. Not violent or materialistic, they stayed out of the affairs of others.

Krevaaki in the galaxy[]

Krevaaki loved to find planets for meditation. One Krevaaki, Jedi Master Vodo-Siosk Baas, trained Exar Kun as his Jedi Padawan.



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