Krezo Wasanti was a male Rodian hailing from the Outer Rim world Saleucami. Owning an operating an import/export business out of Taleucema, Wasanti was a fence for the Veiled Sorority. During the Galactic Civil War, Wasanti sold stolen disruptor pistols to the Zann Consortium; pistols which had been stolen off the Consortium's freighters. Watching Wasanti carefully, the Consortium hoped he would lead their agents back to the Sorority so that they could end the attacks on their freighters.


Raised on Rodia by his father, Krezo Wasanti had several siblings who harassed him for his short stature and slight build. Wasanti used his intellect to excel in business ventures across the planet until he accrued enough capital to move to Saleucami. Priding himself as an honest being, Wasanti opened an import/export shop near to the spaceport of Taleucema. Wasanti bought and maintained an ASP-series droid he called Koochoo to protect him. Overtime, Wasanti began to see his profits soar as he skirted the law, eventually becoming greedy and sloppy. During a conflict between the Veiled Sorority and the Zann Consortium, Wasanti worked as a fence for the Sorority, moving illegally obtained disruptor pistols to an unknown client. While his contact with the Sorority, Mandi had warned him against selling the pistols to soon, Wasanti's client's price was too good. The client, an agent for the Consortium, bought the goods which were the same pistols stolen off of a Consortium freighter.

Personality and traitsEdit

A diminutive Rodian, Krezo Wasanti was sharp-minded and charming. Feigning naivete when dealing with new clients, he plays up his foreign accent to lure overconfident Saleucamians into a false sense of security. Dressing in fine suits, Wasanti was overcome by greed after beginning his fencing operation for the Veiled Sorority.


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