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"Anticipate the moves your foe can make and then narrow them to the moves you want them to make. Take nothing for granted."
―Admiral Krion Grail[src]

Krion Grail was a Human male admiral in the Navy of Darth Krayt's Galactic Empire. At the time of the Second Imperial Civil War, Grail was the commanding officer of the First Coruscant Task Force, with the Devaronian Captain Shantillen as his second in command. He was later transferred to the Outer Rim Third Fleet.


Hunting down Admiral Stazi[]

"If everything is going according to that plan, Admiral Stazi is dead, and his command deck is in confusion."
―Admiral Grail[src]

Krion Grail on the bridge of the Marauder.

By the year 137 ABY, and after Grand Admiral Morlish Veed had been appointed Regent of the Empire by Darth Wyyrlok, Admiral Grail led the First Coruscant Task Force in a chase of the Galactic Alliance fleet, using their comm frequencies provided by a traitor as beacons to learn the location of their fleet.

Grail had also plotted the assassinate the Head of State and leader of the Galactic Alliance Remnant, Gar Stazi. The assassin was a Shipman of Stazi's own crew, the Mon Calamari Tealart, whose family had been imprisoned by Imperial forces in Dac and faced execution if Tealart did not cooperate. Tealart had sabotaged the fleet's deep-space alarms and, as the Grail's task force emerged from hyperspace and opened fire, drew a blaster and shot Stazi, leaving him severely injured.

After chasing the Alliance fleet all the way to the Opoku system, Grail followed the rebels to the Teraab sector, where he found the Remnant flagship, the Alliance. From the bridge of his flagship, the Ardent-class fast frigate Marauder, Grail attempted to convince Gar Stazi's second, Jhoram Bey, to surrender. However, the injured Stazi had discovered how the fleet was being tracked, allowing Bey to use this information to turn the tables on the Imperial task force: the Galactic Alliance fleet jumped out of hyperspace behind Grail's fleet and proceeded to devastate it. Outmaneuvered, Grail furiously gave the order for his battered forces to retreat.

Battle at Dac[]

"Five enemy ships approaching our position, Moff Geist. Speed increasing and sensors show no life signs. Droid bombs, no doubt. Pitiful."
―Krion Grail[src]

Krion Grail later joined Darth Stryfe and Moff Geist aboard the Pellaeon-class Star Destroyer Relentless to lead the Outer Rim Third Fleet in an effort to thwart Admiral Stazi's plan to evacuate the world of Dac, which had been infected by the Sith with a pathogen that would eliminate all life on it.

As the confrontation between the Third Fleet and Stazi's forces began, a number of ships approached the Sith Imperials' position. Grail informed Moff Geist and Lord Stryfe that the sensors showed no life signs aboard and was certain that Stazi had launched droid bombs, a pitiful move in Grail's opinion. At Geist's orders, the Imperial ships opened fire, only to cause the explosion of several ion bombs, which damaged the Third Fleet's sensors, leaving them blind. Grail immediately ordered all ships to divert all their power to their shields. Stryfe reprimanded the Admiral that Stazi's "pitiful" maneuver had caused five of their ships to be put out of commission or destroyed. Grail informed the Sith overseer that they had not shared the same fate thanks to his orders.

As the first wave of the Alliance's evacuation fleet began their run, Stryfe gave the orders to intercept. One of the refugee ships was destroyed, prompting Stazi to move the Alliance between the escaping freighters and Imperial fire. As the Imperial's concentrated their fire on the Alliance, a fleet under the command of Fel-loyalist General Oron Jaeger emerged from hyperspace to aid Stazi. Outnumbered and severely damaged, the Outer Rim Third Fleet withdrew from the battle.

Personality and traits[]

"With Veed now the Regent, the post of Grand Admiral should become vacant. And planning is the reason it will be mine. It's what the Sith do. We can learn from them."
―Admiral Grail[src]

Krion Grail was an ambitious and calculating man who sought to obtain the post of Grand Admiral of the Imperial Military. Unlike several of his fellow officers, he admired the members of the One Sith due to their penchant for plotting and planning beforehand. Grail preferred to weaken his enemies from within and driving them to act the way he planned instead of simply overpowering them with numbers and firepower, thus risking defeat. However, he was extremely arrogant and couldn't see himself being outwitted by his enemies, as a result, he lost important battles to the Galactic Alliance, such as destroying the Alliance and holding Dac.