Kris Wahl was male Human from the planet Cularin during the last years of the Galactic Republic.


Born to wealthy parents, Dr. and Mr. Wahl, Kris had never had to work. Like his parents, Kris had a number of vices. Unlike them, he was also into philanthropy, and provided large number of credits to causes, including Gerta Haman's relief projects to aid the Tarasin. His parents disapproved of his association with Haman, believing her to be an alarmist and a bad influence upon Kris.[1]

When Haman started the Cularin resistance in 31 BBY, Kris again provided her financial support, and disappeared to join the resistance at its base in the Cloud Mountain mines.[1] Kris enjoyed grand heroic stories, and approached resistance members to tell him about themselves under the pretense of "liking to know where his money was going."[2]

Despite his wealth, Kris sometimes let gambling debts accumulate. He owed a man named Polst 1,138 credits at the time of his disappearance.[1]

One month after his joining, Haman decided to organize a raid against the Metatheran Cartel jungle base to gain the last evidence they needed to consolidate their case against the Cartel. A few people in the base had been in the jungle base, so Haman asked Wahl to question them and obtain any valuable information about the jungle base. During this interview, the Cartel forces began their own attack against the Cloud Mountain mines. Wahl's fate after the attack is unknown.[2]

Personality and traitsEdit

Kris Wahl was a ladies' man and gambler. Kris dressed to look like a rakish scoundrel, leaving his shirt unbuttoned for instance. His clothes looked more they were bought from a costume shop, however. When combined with his boyish face, the effect was more amusing than dashing.[2]


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