"I don't dislike Borvo—I find him a worthy adversary. When I'm staring down at his corpse and running all his holdings, I will remember him fondly."
―Kritus Morven[src]

Kritus Morven was a Human criminal and a rival of Borvo the Hutt. His base of operations was the town of Keren on the planet Naboo, where he was involved in many crimes, including spice processing, bribery, kidnapping, torture and murder.

In 1 ABY he paid a well-armed spacer for several illegal and dangerous tasks. When Borvo proposed to make some sort of deal with Morven, he decided to sent the spacer to meet the Hutt's courier, Fekk Trunkel, outside of Keren and fetch him Borvo's business offer. Morven carefully studied the offer but didn't seem willing to trust the Hutt ("I'll review this, but I'd rather carry him than trust him.").

A short time later he learned from one of his informants that the Naboo security forces were looking for Borvo's spice refineries. As Morven knew the location of one of those refineries, he didn't hesitate to use this information to deal Borvo's business a blow and quickly tasked the spacer with delivering a datadisk containing the location to one of the Security Force officers. But soon after the spacer had returned, Morven learned that RSF had started to look for his own refineries too. He didn't waste any time and immediately ordered the location to be evacuated. To slow the security force's search down long enough, the criminal made a deal with security officer Dagrus Rhine, who had been "cooperative" in the past. After the spacer delivered a datadisc containing the authorization codes to Rhine, Morven managed to evacuate the spice refinery in time before the RSF discovered it.

In the time following these events, rumors started to surface that Borvo was planning something new. The Hutt's thugs were seen escorting a scientist, so Morven decided to interfere with Borvo's plans by kidnapping the man. Once again the experienced spacer agreed to work for him and proceeded to kill Borvo's men and abducted the scientist. When interrogating the scientist, Morven was surprised to find out, that Borvo was developing bioweaponry. And he certainly didn't want to let the Hutt make all the credits on this. So he paid the spacer a final time to intercept Dekker, Borvo's courier, who was delivering a sample of the bioweapon to some Corellian buyers. Following a short exchange of blaster fire that resulted in the death of Dekker, the spacer brought Morven the sample of the desired bioweapon, called Berserker Virus. After these events, Morven paid the spacer and suggested leaving Keren, for Borvo was not too pleased.

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